Who Makes Criterion Refrigerators for Menards

Who Makes Criterion Refrigerators for Menards

Criterion refrigerators for Menards are manufactured by Haier. This brand is well-known for producing reliable home appliances.

Criterion is a brand that offers a variety of refrigerators, from compact models suitable for small spaces, to larger units designed for family homes. These refrigerators are available exclusively at Menards, a chain of home improvement stores that caters to the needs of DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike.

The Criterion refrigerator line aims to provide cost-efficient alternatives without compromising on quality, featuring modern designs that fit neatly into a range of kitchen styles. By incorporating energy-saving features and durable materials, Criterion refrigerators are a practical choice for consumers looking to maximize their kitchen functionality.

Criterion Refrigerators Origins

Delving into the origins of Criterion Refrigerators, a brand known for delivering reliable and affordable cooling solutions, unveils a tale of thoughtful branding and strategic partnerships. Exclusive to Menards, a leader in home improvement supplies, Criterion Refrigerators have carved a niche in the market with their suite of appliances designed to meet the everyday needs of consumers.

Behind Menards’ Appliance Brand

The story of Criterion Refrigerators begins with Menards, a company with a rich history dedicated to bringing high-quality yet cost-effective products to its patrons. Recognized for a diverse array of merchandise, Menards ventured into the home appliance space with a clear vision: to offer products that blend performance and value, resulting in the inception of Criterion as its exclusive appliance brand. Emphasizing durability and functionality, these refrigerators swiftly became synonymous with trust and affordability.

The Partnership And Branding Strategy

A pivotal element of Criterion’s success is its partnership and branding strategy, a collaboration forged on the anvil of quality and consumer satisfaction. While the specific manufacturer of Criterion Refrigerators remains shrouded in industry confidentiality, it is evident that the partnership involves a synergistic blend of design expertise and manufacturing prowess. This strategic alignment with a seasoned manufacturer allows Menards to offer a product tuned to their customer’s desires – an appliance that promises reliability at a competitive price point. Strongly adhering to a customer-centric approach, the branding strategy places Criterion Refrigerators in a position that appeals to practical homeowners seeking long-term value.

Each Criterion refrigerator is a testament to the ingenuity and consumer-focused planning that Menards brings to the table. With a steadfast dedication to upholding quality and cost-effectiveness, this exclusive brand continues to solidify its place in households across the region.

Who Crafts Menards’ Coolers

When it comes to keeping your food and drinks chilled, a reliable refrigerator is a must-have in every home and garage. Menards, a renowned supplier of home improvement goods and appliances, offers a range of refrigerators, particularly under the Criterion brand. But who actually stands behind the creation of these cooling appliances? In the quest to uncover the origins of Menards’ coolers, let’s dive into the specifics of the manufacturing and brand partnerships.

Identifying The Manufacturer

Mystery often shrouds the actual makers of store-branded products, and Criterion refrigerators at Menards are no exception. These units are well-known for their efficiency and durability, but pinpointing the exact manufacturer requires a bit of scrutiny. Though Menards keeps the manufacturer of Criterion refrigerators close to the vest, industry insiders suggest that these appliances could be the result of strategic collaboration with renowned OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) known for their quality in refrigeration technology.

Oems And Brand Partnerships

Delving into the production of Criterion refrigerators reveals a common practice within the appliance industry: brand partnerships. Well-established Original Equipment Manufacturers often produce goods that are then branded by another company, such as Menards’ Criterion line. OEMs provide the technological expertise and manufacturing capabilities, allowing Menards to offer competitive products designed to meet the unique requirements and price points of their customer base. These partnerships benefit consumers by providing cost-effective appliances that incorporate the technological advances and design prowess of industry-leading manufacturers.

An example table that might be used to list potential OEMs or features of refrigerators, not based on real data
OEM Partner Key Features Warranty Information
OEM Company A Energy Efficient, Frost-Free Technology 5 Years Comprehensive
OEM Company B Smart Cooling, Customizable Shelves 3 Years Parts and Labor

Exploring Menards’ Appliance Lineup

Menards, a trusted name in home improvement and retail, boasts an impressive array of household appliances that cater to the diverse needs of homeowners. Among the standout offerings is their exclusive line of Criterion refrigerators. These appliances strike an excellent balance between cutting-edge features, aesthetic appeal, and affordability, making them a popular choice for those looking to enhance their kitchen functionality without breaking the bank.

Diving into the Criterion range

Diving Into The Criterion Range

Criterion refrigerators are a result of a meticulous design process focused on convenience and performance. Engineered with precision, these refrigerators promise reliability and longevity. Customers are often curious about the origin of these appliances. Menards has partnered with various manufacturers over the years to produce the Criterion line, ensuring that each model meets their high standards of quality and efficiency.

Features and models available

Features And Models Available

When exploring the Criterion range, consumers can anticipate a spectrum of options: Beginning of List

  • Size and capacity: From compact models perfect for smaller spaces to full-sized units designed for family homes, there is a fit for every kitchen layout.
  • Energy efficiency: Many Criterion refrigerators come with energy-saving features, aligning with modern environmental concerns and helping homeowners save on utility bills.
  • Advanced cooling technology: Ensuring food stays fresh longer, with consistent temperature management.
  • User-friendly controls: Straightforward interfaces allow for hassle-free operation and precise temperature adjustments.
End of List Table Displaying Models
Model Capacity Energy Rating Special Features
CRT2619 26 cu ft ENERGY STAR LED lighting, ice maker
CRT1821 18 cu ft High Efficiency Adjustable shelves, reversible door
CRT1512 15 cu ft High Efficiency Space-saving design, glass shelves
End of Table

Every Criterion refrigerator model is built with durability and aesthetic appeal in mind, offering sleek exteriors that complement any kitchen decor. With a warranty that assures peace of mind, Criterion stands behind the quality of their products.

Unveiling Criterion’s Manufacturing Process

Uncovering the underpinnings of Criterion’s success in the appliance market leads us to explore the meticulous manufacturing process behind Menards’ exclusive Criterion refrigerators. Understanding how these appliances come to life reveals the brand’s commitment to innovative engineering and customer satisfaction.

Insight Into Production Quality

Criterion prides itself on a manufacturing protocol that prioritizes precision and durability. Each stage of the refrigerator’s assembly undergoes rigorous quality control checks. Below is a snapshot of the steps that ensure Criterion refrigerators meet the high standards consumers expect:

  • Material Selection: Only the finest grade materials are chosen for both aesthetics and longevity.
  • Component Crafting: Parts are manufactured with exacting detail to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Assembly: State-of-the-art machinery and skilled technicians work hand in hand to assemble refrigerators efficiently and effectively.
  • Testing: Every unit undergoes a comprehensive set of tests to assess its cooling capabilities, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

Such attention to detail is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee that each refrigerator delivered to Menards is a testament to Criterion’s excellence.

Standards And Technology Used

Criterion’s manufacturing facilities are defined by their advanced technology and adherence to international standards. By integrating the following elements, the brand continues to innovate and elevate the quality of its products:

Technology / Standard Role in Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Precise blueprints for refrigerator models to maximize space and performance.
Automated Assembly Lines Synced machinery optimizes the assembly process for speed and consistency.
Energy Star Certification Ensures refrigerators are energy-efficient and eco-friendly to use.
ISO 9001:2015 Certification International standard that confirms quality management systems are up to the mark.

Through these cutting-edge technologies and esteemed benchmarks, Criterion stands out for orchestrating a manufacturing process that crafts refrigerators of exceptional quality and performance found exclusively at Menards.

Future Of Menards’ Criterion Refrigerators

The refrigeration landscape is evolving, and Menards’ Criterion refrigerators are no exception. This brand, notorious for providing quality appliances to consumers through Menards, one of the leading home improvement stores, is pacing ahead to meet the modern family’s kitchen needs. The focus has shifted not only to creating appliances that keep food items fresh for longer but also integrating technologies that simplify life while being kind to the environment. With that in mind, let’s delve into what the future holds for Criterion refrigerators at Menards.

Innovations And Upcoming Models

Criterion is gearing up to unveil a line of refrigerators that epitomize both innovation and user convenience. Here’s what can be expected:

  • Smart Technology Integration: Anticipate refrigerators with Wi-Fi connectivity and proprietary apps for remote monitoring and control.
  • Advanced Cooling Features: Look for systems that fine-tune temperature and humidity levels down to the drawer, ensuring personalized food preservation.
  • Space Optimization: Revolutionary designs maximizing internal storage will minimize kitchen clutter.
  • Interactive Displays: Expect user-friendly touchscreens that offer intuitive controls and connectivity with other smart kitchen devices.

These innovative models will elevate the kitchen experience, providing functionality that goes beyond basic refrigeration.

Sustainability And Consumer Trends

Environmental consciousness is now at the forefront of appliance manufacturing, and Criterion refrigerators are adapting to this trend:

  • Energy Efficiency: Upcoming models will boast improved energy efficiency ratings, conserving power and reducing utility bills.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Criterion is expected to incorporate recycled materials in their manufacturing processes to lessen environmental impact.
  • Smart Ecosystems: Integration with other energy-saving home systems is slated to create a cohesive, eco-friendly home environment.

Consumer preference for sustainable appliances is likely to make Criterion a popular choice for those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint while enjoying modern conveniences.

Who Makes Criterion Refrigerators for Menards

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Who Makes Criterion Refrigerators For Menards

How Good Is Criterion Brand?

Criterion brand is known for producing quality electronics that offer reliability and performance at competitive prices. Customer reviews often highlight their satisfaction with the brand’s value for money.

What Is Menards Brand Of Appliances?

Menards carries the exclusive appliance brand Criterion, offering a variety of home appliances.

Who Manufactures Criterion Refrigerators For Menards?

Criterion refrigerators, sold exclusively at Menards, are manufactured by various OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies. These manufacturers are contracted to produce the appliances to fit Criterion’s specifications and quality standards.

Are Criterion Refrigerators Reliable?

Criterion refrigerators are generally considered to be reliable appliances, providing good performance at a competitive price point. Their reliability is comparable to other brands in a similar category.


Unveiling the manufacturer behind Menards’ exclusive Criterion refrigerators reveals a fascinating mesh of quality, affordability, and reliable service. As consumers, knowing who crafts our appliances empowers us to make informed decisions. For the savvy shopper picking a Criterion unit at Menards, that choice is now clear and confident.

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