Top 13 Best Downdraft Vent In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

best downdraft vent

A downdraft vent is a necessary part of any air conditioning system. A properly installed and maintained downdraft vent can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Best downdraft vent can also help reduce moisture buildup inside your home, which can help protect your furniture, walls, and other belongings from rot. An airflow from one room to another is enabled through a downdraft vent, which is an opening in the roof or ceiling of your home. A downdraft vent will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter when properly installed and maintained. Everything you need to know about best downdraft range hoods can be found in this article.

There are some factors to consider when picking a downdraft vent:

Location- Location is very important when installing a downdraft vent. Ensure the vent is at least one foot away from any heat sources to avoid drawing the smoke back into the house.
Size- The size of a downdraft vent is also important and should be sized according to where it will install. Choose a size that fits your need without being too large or small. • A downdraft vent increases airflow by 45% to 75%.
Speed- A standard vent will move air at 400 to 1,200 cubic feet per minute, while some high-performance models can move as much as 1,800 CFM.
Style- There are two basic vent styles: vertical and horizontal. Vertical venting allows for a direct line of sight, while horizontal vents provide more space for furniture.
Installation- A vent is typically installed using a template and an adjustable wrench. Be sure to use the template provided by your vent manufacturer when installing. 

•Hangers - Keep your vent free from obstructions and hangers that could interfere with ventilation. Venting should be located so it can freely flow air into and out of the room.
Installation Material- Most vents are made from aluminium, but Some manufacturers have started to employ stainless steel or plastic instead of metal.
Cost of installation- Installing a downdraft vent ranges from around $200 to $600.The size and type of vent will determine the installation costs., but they are typically not expensive.

What are the Best Downdraft Range Hoods?

Heat Exchangers

What is the best range hood for my home? You must choose a box style instead of a downdraft one. A box air duct separates your cooking area from the receptacles supplied with heat to avoid any damage by neglecting an exhaust vent. It will use less energy in heating and cooling more effectively than its counterpart and requires good placement if you want to work efficiently. They also use less energy and no water, so they are ideal for those on a green home makeover quest. These hoods use a fan to draw in air from below, pushing the exhaust up and out of the hood. If you only need a range hood to exhaust smoke and grease from your cooking area, then a downdraft style is best. Numerous people are unknowing of the significance of a good range hood. 

Summary: Top 13 List of Best Downdraft vent


Product Name


Broan-Nutone Eclipse

Zephyr Europa

Broan Elite Rangemaster

Best D49M30SB Downdraft Ventilation

FOTILE JQG7505 30” Under-Cabinet Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7501.E 30" Range Hood

FOTILE GLS30501 30” Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Cooktop

FOTILE JQG7502.G 30" Wall Mount Range Hood

FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 Brillia 30" Under Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo COS-QS90 Under Cabinet Range Hood

HisoHu Wall Mount Speed Gesture Sensing Exhaust Hood

AN-1364 Inserta Plus 36” Stainless Steel Range Hood

The Broan-Nutone Eclipse downdraft range hood is a top-of-the-line UL-certified kitchen range hood that works with all cooktops. The hood is durable stainless steel and features an efficient 3-speed fan that circulates air evenly across the cooking area. With the easy-to-use button control system, the fan automatically rises into place and disappears flush with the cooktop's surface. The 500 CFM airflow will quickly and easily remove undesirable smells, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. The 36-inch downdraft allows ample room to cook large dishes and still have adequate airflow.


  • Sleek stainless steel design.
  • High performance, 500 CFM airflow. 
  • Energy-efficient and quiet operation.
  • Reduces energy bills by diverting exhaust heat from the cooking area to a heat exchanger.


  • Noisy 

With the Zephyr 36W, you can bring professional style and functionality to your kitchen. The Sorrento Downdraft Range Hood's innovative design's clean lines are just right with a gleaming, stainless steel finish. Every minute, this range recirculates up to 500 cubic feet of air. To eliminate odors and smoke. When the heat turns up, it automatically has sensors to adjust its blowers. If you have a large island range or high ceilings, consider lowering the height. This is the hood for you.


  • Sleek stainless steel design.
  • Sensors-controlled blowers eliminate odors and smoke.
  • Compact and versatile - can be mounted on an island range or high ceilings.
  • Air Flow 500 CFM Blower


  • Noisy 

3. Broan Elite Rangemaster

Broan's Elite Rangemaster RMDD3004EX Downdraft Ventilation System with Internal or External Blower Options Heat Sentry Infinitely Adjustable Control and Optional Remote Button Kit: 30 Inch/External is designed to operate with a flow of 500 CFM. It has a compact, thin design to install the downdraft directly behind the cooktop. This construction saves space and adds an elegant touch to your kitchen. When activated, the chimney rises over 9-1/2 inches, ideal for large pots and pans. The downdraft comes with an adjustable blower speed control that allows you to tailor the operation to your needs. Also, this unit has a Heat Sentrytrade; function, which automatically adjusts blower speed to maintain optimal temperature levels in your home.


  • Eliminate wasted space under the cabinet.
  • Large pots and pans. 
  • Stylish and unobtrusive.
  • 500 CFM airflow
  • Stainless steel and compact design.


  • Noisy 

4. Best D49M30SB Downdraft Ventilation

The D49M30SB is a premium downdraft range hood by Best that will capture smoke and grease from your cooktop. With an impressive light output of 2000 lumens, the LED task lighting provides impressive cooktop illumination, even on the front burners. It's also an exceptional addition to your kitchen as an optional remote control raises or lowers downdraft from another location. with its optional automatic make-up air dampers, you can create a smooth downdraft system that will work with the ventilating fan. The Cattura Downdraft Vent also includes a heat sentry mode that will automatically increase the fan speed when it detects high heat levels to keep your kitchen cool and comfortable. It has a very tall height of 18" to capture all the smoke and fumes from tall pots.  D49M30SB Downdraft Ventilation System comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in the quality of this product.


  • Adds precision to your air supply without drafts.
  • Easy installation - Connects to the existing HVAC system.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Reversible ducting.


  • Noisy 

5. FOTILE JQG7505 30” Under-Cabinet Range Hood

FOTILE's JQG7505 Motion Activation Technology is the best way to ensure your range hood is always on, no matter the season. This range hood provides a modern look and superior performance. FOTILE's touch screen display with 4-speed levels allows you to adjust the speed and motor height easily. FOTILE's Modern Kitchen Onyx Black Glass, onyx black is a unique range hood that combines the functions of an under-cabinet range hood with the functionality of a wall-mounted unit. The unit features a 30" under-cabinet or wall-mount design and dual DC motors for optimum performance and powerful airflow. The sleek, modern look of onyx black glass complements any kitchen design.


  • Motion Activation and Touchscreen
  • Dual DC motors. 
  • Thermostat sensor for automatic adjustment of fan speed.
  • Under Cabinet/ Wall Mount Both Installation.


  • Some customers found it difficult to remove the existing range hood from the wall

6. FOTILE JQG7501.E 30" Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7501.E 30" Range Hood with side-draft design will lead cooking fumes to the air inlet, reducing cooking fumes from spreading. With a 90° automatic open baffle plate, it can cover 6 ft² of range space. It will reach 380 Pa velocity with a 58dB noise level with one touch, as the vent hood efficiently removes cooking fumes and smell from your kitchen. With dual motors, it can quickly remove cooking fumes from your kitchen. Touch Screen Control with 3 Speed Settings is suitable for all kinds of cooking ranges and worktop surfaces and is suitable for under cabinet or wall mount installation with touch screen control, and is easy to clean.


  • Quiet Operation.
  • Motion Detection and Touch Screen Controls.
  • Dual DC Motors for Superior Performance.


  • Noisy

7. FOTILE GLS30501 30” Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Cooktop

This multifunctional kitchen hood is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This versatile cooktop has a high output tri-ring centre burner for boiling, searing, pan-frying, stir-frying, two 13,000 BTUs left burners offering high heat, optional griddle control, and two dedicated ones simmer burners with 3000 and 6000 BTUs delivering consistent and accurate low heat for delicate cuisines. It has built with 304 food-grade stainless steel surfaces and durable parts, including edge-to-edge heavy cast iron grates, wok support attachments for easy pans and pots manoeuvrability, and a a quick-start ignition system, heat resistant knobs, and an LP conversion kit.. This cooktop is designed to cook more quickly and efficiently than traditional gas cooktops. The 5-burner range provides a wide range of cooking options, while the dual DC-motor delivers even heat distribution.


  • Sleek and Modern Design.
  • Can Cover Up to 5 Burners on a Single Range Top. 
  • Side Draft Design Makes It Easier To Remove. Splatters.
  • Versatile tri-ring centre burner for boiling.


  • No cons listed

8. FOTILE JQG7502.G 30" Wall Mount Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7502.G 30" Range Hood Wall Mounted Contemporary Kitchen Vent Hood with Powerful Motor LED Lights. Unique Side-Draft Design. The 90-degree ALWAYS open baffle plate quickly filters up to 6 feet² of space and helps minimize the dispersion of cooking fumes or odors. It's ideal for a variety of cooking techniques due to its 3-speed settings. When you power it on, it also features a Memory Function, which will remember your preferences. FOTILE JQG7502.G 30" Range Hood has a Unique Side-Draft Design, and Powerful Motor LED Lights Mechanical Buttons Cooktop Bundle. It will add great value to your kitchen decoration. It is a high-quality product that is safe and reliable.


  • Advanced site draft filtration
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Extra-wide Smoke Intake
  • Filter deodorizes up to 99% of formaldehyde


  • No cons listed

9. FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

The FOTILE Pixie range hood is a quiet, powerful and versatile product that comes with LED lights to provide an extra level of safety in your kitchen. With our signature whispower aerodynamic technologies, we've increased the sugar power of our single duct range ovens up to 850 CFM with less energy consumed. The Fotile pixle can also shield 6 square feet or 4-6 burner cooktop from the heat of the overhead beam. The range hood is designed to fit under your kitchen counter. It will save space and will protect your stove from splatters. It can work with any standard kitchen exhaust fan, and it's ideal for any family size. This model is available in different sizes, which are suitable for all types of cooktops.


  • 600 Lux LED lighting.
  • Whispower system 
  • Single duct range ovens up to 850 CFM.
  • Dual Fan ventilation.
  • Motion Activation.


  • It may be too loud for some users.

10. KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 Brillia 30" Under Cabinet Range Hood

The KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 Brillia range hood eliminates noise levels with its 3-speed push-button control and 750 CFM internal blower. The easy-to-clean baffle filters make it easy to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy, while the exhaust top 6-inch round ducting type ensures that your kitchen is kept at a reduced sound level. Order yours today and enjoy years of trouble-free cooking.


  • 3 speed push-button control.
  • 750 CFM blower.
  • Reduction in noise levels by up to 50%.
  • Sleek design with reduced sound level.
  • Easy to clean baffle filters
  • 8 stainless steel vents for ventilation.


  • No Cons Listed

11. Cosmo COS-QS90 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Upgrade your kitchen with the Cosmo COS-QS90 Under Cabinet Range Hood with 500 CFM, Permanent Filters, LED Lights, Convertible from Ducted to Ductless (Kit Not Included), 36 in., Stainless Steel. This sleek hood has a permanent filter system to protect your food from dust and dirt and a 4-speed fan to distribute heat evenly when you're cooking. The last thing you want is to fight with the stovetop. That's where our range hood comes in handy. It is designed to slide into an existing cabinet. Our hood features sleek brushed stainless steel that matches seamlessly with your kitchen appliances for a modern upscale look. Moreover, our top-vented design allows excess heat and moisture to escape while cooking, so your food is always cooked perfectly. Upgrade your kitchen with the Cosmo COS-QS90 under the cabinet range hood today.


  • 500 CFM blower.
  • Permanent filters for protection from dust and dirt.
  • 4-speed fan to distribute heat evenly.
  • Remote control included.
  • Fits easily into an existing cabinet.


  • No Cons Listed

12. HisoHu Wall Mount Speed Gesture Sensing Exhaust Hood

HisoHu wall mount range hood ducted convertible duct system ensures a smooth flow of air,30 inches 780 CFM stainless steel vent hood, 4-speed gesture sensing exhaust hood with dimmable LED lights. The noise level is kept at a minimum of 40-55dB, while the delay shutoff ensures that your home is always in peace. With its sleek design and easy-to-use controls, this range hood will add elegance and function to your home kitchen. With its sleek design and easy installation, this range hood is perfect for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention, its noise level is low enough to keep your family comfortable while you cook. Add this range hood to your kitchen and enjoy the fresh, clean air that it brings.


  • Dimmable LED Lights.
  • Remote control.
  • Low noise level.
  • 780 Cubic Meters per Minute.
  • Carbon filter range hood.


  • Low noise level.

13. AN-1364 Inserta Plus 36” Stainless Steel Range Hood

The Ancona AN-1364 Inserta Plus 36" 420 CFM Ducted Built-in Range Hood is a top-quality product that will be a great addition to your kitchen. It features a powerful 420 CFM motor that can quickly and efficiently remove smoke, odors, and steam from the air. The hood features an automatic shutoff function that turns the fan off after 10 minutes to prevent over-heating. This range hood can be installed in any type of kitchen. You will not have to worry about the hood being too tall for your home's layout because the range hood comes with an adjustable 13" vent extension system that provides up to 9 inches of clearance above cabinets and other appliances. The stainless steel chimney and flue tube are also built very strong, so they won't crack or break easily under high heat conditions when you cook on it day after day.


  • Super Powerful blower motor to remove smoke odors & steam quickly.
  • Automatic shutoff function prevents overheating.
  • Adjustable vent extension system for added clearance above cabinets and other appliances.
  • Stainless steel chimney & flue tube are built very strong.
  • 420 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Controlling under high heat conditions.


  • No Cons Listed

What is downdraft ventilation and why is it important?

Downdraft ventilation is a type of ventilation in which fresh air is brought in from the outside and circulated inside a building. It helps remove smoke, fumes, and other harmful gases and particles from a building. Downdraft ventilation systems are also often used in factories and other large industrial facilities to ensure that the workers aren't breathing in harmful chemicals and dust particles.

Why you need it:

Downdraft ventilation is a process that removes pollutants and other gases from an indoor environment. For two reasons, it's crucial: first, it helps reduce the amount of smoke and other toxins released into the air when a fire occurs; and second, it can help protect people working in or near the fire area from exposure to hazardous fumes. At a minimum, ventilation must provide a continuous fresh airflow to remove smoke and other gases. Providing positive pressure in the fire zone while removing smoke and other impurities may also help achieve this goal. Downdraft ventilation is commonly used in fire departments, kitchens, hospitals, airports, and factories to provide fresh air to an area where hazardous gasses are present. It is also used in smoke and heat control cabinets in homes.

Do Downdraft Ranges Need To Be Vented?

Yes, they do. You need to have a ventilation system installed in your kitchen to not trap the fumes inside your home.
Downdraft range hoods and stovetop exhaust hoods are both appliances that must be vented properly if you want to avoid dangerous carbon monoxide levels. Ensure your fan is running at a speed of between 800 and 1,200 RPM to ensure proper ventilation.

Is a Downdraft Range Worth It?

When it comes to ranges, there are a few different types on the market. One type is the downdraft range, which is becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes. But what exactly is a downdraft range and is it worth the investment?

A downdraft range is a stove that has a built-in ventilation system. This means that instead of having a separate hood or vent above the stove, the ventilation system is built into the back of the range. The biggest benefit of this design is that it frees up space above your stove, which can be great if you have low ceilings or want to open up your kitchen.

Another advantage of a downdraft range is that they tend to be more energy-efficient than other types of stoves. This is because the ventilation system pulls all the heat and smoke down and out of your kitchen, rather than letting it escape through an open window or door. This can help keep your kitchen cooler in the summer months and save you money on your energy bills.
So, should you invest in a downdraft range? If you’re looking for a more efficient way to cook and want to free up some space in your kitchen, then yes – a downdraft range hood could be worth the investment.

How is a Downdraft Stove Vented?

A downdraft stove is typically vented through a hole in the back of the unit that leads to an external vent. The stove may also have a small fan that helps draw air up and out of the unit, which helps to keep the area around the stove clear of smoke and odors.

30'' Downdraft Vent

When it comes to kitchen ventilation, a downdraft vent is a great option. It's installed in the cooktop and draws fumes and smoke down into the range hood. This type of vent is especially beneficial for kitchens with an island cooktop, as it doesn't require a duct system.

Downdraft vents are also relatively easy to install. Here's what you need to know about downdraft vents, including how they work and their pros and cons. How Downdraft Vents Work

Downdraft vents are typically installed beneath the cooktop surface. They have a fan that sucks air downwards, into the range hood. The fan pulls fumes and smokes away from your cooking area, helping to keep your kitchen air quality high.

Many downdraft vents also come with activated charcoal filters, which help to remove odors from the air before they're vented outside. Pros of Downdraft Vents There are several benefits associated with downdraft vents:

They don't require a duct system: One of the biggest advantages of this type of vent is that it doesn't need a duct system in order to work properly - unlike other types of range hoods (e.g., island range hoods). This means that you won't have to worry about installing any ductwork in your kitchen - which can be both time-consuming and expensive. They're easier to install: In general, downdraft vents are much easier to install than other types of range hoods - making them ideal for do-it-yourselfers or anyone who wants to avoid having to hire professional help.

Cons of Downdraft Vents While there are many advantages associated with downdraft vents, there are also some potential drawbacks worth considering.

36'' Downdraft Vent

A 36'' downdraft vent is a great option for those who need ventilation in their kitchen but don't want the bulk of a range hood. Downdraft vents are installed directly into your countertop and have a powerful blower that pulls air down through a duct to the outside. This type of vent is perfect for cooking on gas or electric cooktops and can be used with an island cooktop as well.

Types of downdraft ventilation:

There are three types of downdraft ventilation: kitchen hoods, range hoods, Downdraft cooktops, Ventilation Power, Capacity, Appearance, Situated ventilated hood system, and Horizontal, Hub-infinity downdraft ventilation.

Kitchen hoods:

Downdraft hoods are used in kitchens to ventilate the cooking surface and kitchen appliance storage areas of a room. Low-profile blowers control the hood ventilation system mounted into blower enclosures on top of nearby cabinets or furniture.

Range hoods:

Range hood ventilation provides natural downdraft ventilation for all dishwashers, cooktops, range surface units found in an electric kitchen stove, and other appliances such as microwave oven cooking surfaces or grills. Range Hood ventilators also provide a clear vision of the entire cooktop/range surface area giving users the ability to cook precisely.

Downdraft cooktops:

Downdraft cooktops ventilate both the cooking surface of your range hood and downdraft hood system, along with downdraft venting found in a range hood. Downdraft cooktop ventilation provides stack vented control capability for Pella®, or Bosch® appliance ranges up to 6 burners, dishwasher, refrigerator and oven combination units, and all 4-way appliance/appliance fan combo coils such as microwave/convection combo units (only if installed on telescoping base). Angle jet duct blower fans, which provide more even ventilation, may be used on curved surfaces.

Island Cooktop Downdraft Ventilation:

Island cooktops are a great option for those who want the flexibility to move around their kitchen while cooking. However, with this type of cooktop comes the need for proper ventilation. Island cooktops require downdraft ventilation in order to work properly and prevent smoke and odors from lingering in your kitchen.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a downdraft ventilation system for your island cooktop. First, you'll need to make sure that the unit is the right size for your cooktop. The last thing you want is an undersized unit that won't be able to effectively ventilate your cooking area.

Second, you'll need to choose a system that has enough power to quickly and efficiently remove smoke and odors from your kitchen. Lastly, you'll want to make sure that the system you choose can be easily installed and maintained. If you're looking for an island cooktop downdraft ventilation system that meets all of these criteria, we highly recommend the Broan Elite Downdraft System.

Pop-Up Downdraft Vent:

A pop-up downdraft vent is a great way to keep your kitchen cool and comfortable during hot summer days. By drawing hot air up and out of the kitchen, it helps to keep the room cooler and prevents the formation of stuffy indoor air pockets. Additionally, by keeping cooking odors from lingering in the home, it can help to make mealtime more enjoyable for everyone.

Downdraft Vent Ducting:

A downdraft vent is a type of ventilation system that pulls air down from the ceiling and exhausts it out through a duct to the outside of the building. This type of system is often used in commercial kitchens to remove smoke, fumes, and odors from cooking. Downdraft vents are typically installed over cooking equipment such as stoves, fryers, and griddles.

They are also commonly used in industrial applications such as painting booths and welding shops. Downdraft vents work by using a fan to create negative pressure within the ductwork. This causes air to be drawn down from the ceiling and into the ductwork where it is then exhausted out to the exterior of the building.

Downdraft vents can be powered by electric motors or gas-fired burners. The size and capacity of the vent will determine how many fans are required to operate it effectively.

Ge Downdraft Vent:

A Ge downdraft vent is an exhaust system that helps remove smoke, odors, and excess heat from your kitchen. It is typically installed above the cooktop and uses a powerful fan to draw air up and out of the room. This type of vent can be very effective at clearing the air in your kitchen, but it also has some drawbacks.

One downside to a Ge downdraft vent is that it can be noisy. The fan will make a fair amount of noise as it runs, so if you are looking for a quiet kitchen, this may not be the best option for you. Additionally, these vents can be pricey – usually costing several hundred dollars or more.

Another potential issue with a Ge downdraft vent is that it can cause your stovetop to become hotter than usual. This happens because the fan pulls hot air up from around the cooktop, which raises the temperature of the surface. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to burns, this could be something to consider before installing one of these vents in your kitchen.
Overall, a Ge downdraft vent can be a great way to improve the air quality in your kitchen and help get rid of smoke and odors quickly. However, there are some downsides to keep in mind before deciding if this type of exhaust system is right for you and your home.

Ventilation Power: 

Downdraft range hood ventilators include a fan with a downdraft blower inside the duct system. The stainless steel angle-jet moulded ventilation fan has a multiple speed control switch mounted on the front of the range hood to easily adjust ventilation pressure while maintaining smooth downdraft distribution throughout the dishwasher or cooktop area.


Vented blower and custom venting ductwork sizes are based on appliance style, mounting location quantity, physical moving space widths, electrical enclosure, and motor capacity needed for all existing kitchen appliances, separate from home appliance weight rating needs applicable.

Situated ventilated hood system:

This type of ventilation can be installed in any room, though they are most frequently used below ceilings. These units take air from the space above and exhaust it through a small blower fan outside an enclosed hood, often mounted on a wall or ceiling. They work best when there is no need to draw up fresh air as you have your equipment inside them.


Vent hood ventilation system installation is a 3-part process. Part 1 includes professional range hood sizing by an experienced range hood contractor who will help identify the proper vent fan and ductwork size to best ventilate your cooktop while minimizing potential interference with other appliances. Part 2 includes cutting, fitting and installing custom angle-jet molded stainless steel ductwork that separates the kitchen area from the downdraft cooking hood system. And finally, in Part 3, you must have an electrician install all new electrical connection boxes for your range hood ventilation system (if applicable).

What are the benefits of using a downdraft vent?

There are a few important benefits of using a downdraft vent:
  • It can improve air quality in an area. The air will be cleaner, and the temperature will be more consistent.
  • It can improve the performance of an HVAC system by removing excess heat from hot or humid areas without having to use a fan.
  • It decreases noise levels in an enclosed area.
  • Since the hood isn't installed, it may assist in keeping kitchen areas cooler.

How do I choose the proper size of a vent fan for my range hood?

When choosing the right size vent fan, you should take into account:
1) The type of range hood system you have
2) The number of people that will be using the range hood
3) The dimensions of your cooktop
4) Other appliances in your kitchen
5) Your budget

Where should a downdraft vent be installed in your home?

It is best to install vent hood ventilation above the cooktop/cooktop range hood. Placing a vent fan in another location, such as: on your kitchen wall or beside your range hood, will not be comfortable and may cause problems with proper operation.

What happens if I install an angle-jet stainless steel vent system?

Depending on the downdraft ventilation ductwork you choose for installation, a built-in electric blower motor appliance pull can be necessary for proper combustion temperatures when cooking foods at high heat levels. This situation is called downdraft mode.

How much does it cost to install a Downdraft Vent?

Downdraft vents are a common installation in many homes. The average cost to install a downdraft vent is between $200-and $1000, depending on the size of the unit and the complexity of the installation.

What can I do to fix or lessen the issues with the downdraft vent?

There are a few things you can do to fix the downdraft's problems: 

  • Be sure to clear any debris or leaves blocking the airflow.
  • Ensure that the fan is working properly by checking the blades and the motor.
  • Make sure that the air conditioner is set to the correct temperature.
  • To allow fresh air into the home, open all windows and doors.
  • If you're not using any of the lights or appliances, turn them off.
  • Clear the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check their batteries.


What type of downdraft ventilation is best for you? A downdraft vent is a type of ventilation system that pulls air down from the ceiling, rather than up from the floor. This can be beneficial in a kitchen because it helps to prevent cooking odors from rising and circulating throughout the house. Additionally, downdraft vents can help to keep your kitchen cooler by exhausting hot air out of the room. There are many different types of downdraft ventilation systems to choose from. They are simple to set up and maybe put almost anywhere in your home. Call a professional to install your downdraft vent, as it is a complex process that should only be done by a trained professional.