When You Have Properly Adjusted the Inside Rearview Mirror


Looking into the rearview mirror is second nature for most drivers. But, have you ever really taken a close look at where your mirrors are positioned? If not, it’s high time you did.

Properly adjusting your inside rearview mirror is important for two reasons: safety and avoiding blind spots.

If you have properly adjusted the inside rearview mirror, you will be able to see out the back window of the car without having to turn your head. This is a great safety feature that allows you to keep your eyes on the road while still being aware of what is going on behind you.

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How Do I Properly Adjust the Inside Rearview Mirror

It’s easy to take your car’s mirrors for granted. But, if they’re not properly adjusted, they can be a serious safety hazard. Here’s how to adjust the inside rearview mirror in your car:

1. Sit in the driver’s seat and fasten your seatbelt. 2. Adjust your seat so that you’re comfortable and have a clear view of the road ahead. 3. Locate the knob or lever on the underside of the mirror.

This is what you’ll use to adjust the mirror. 4. Gently move the mirror up, down, left or right until you have a clear view behind you. Be careful not to over-adjust the mirror, as this can cause distortion.

When You Have Properly Adjusted the Inside Rearview Mirror

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Most people don’t know how to properly adjust their inside rearview mirror. As a result, they end up with a distorted view of the road behind them. This can be dangerous, as it can lead to accidents.

To properly adjust your inside rearview mirror, you need to first sit in the driver’s seat and then lean your head all the way back against the headrest. Next, take your right hand and reach up to grab the bottom of the mirror. Then, pull down on the mirror until you can see just the top of your car’s roof in the reflection.

Finally, let go of the mirror and sit up straight.

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