How to Turn on Cargo Light Gmc Sierra

How to Turn on Cargo Light Gmc Sierra

To turn on the cargo light on a GMC Sierra, press the cargo lamp button on the headlamp switch. Ensure the truck is in park before doing so.

Understanding the functionality of your GMC Sierra’s cargo light enhances visibility and safety during low-light conditions. This feature illuminates the bed area, allowing for easier management of cargo during night-time. Truck owners often find this particular light useful for both work-related tasks and everyday use.

The GMC Sierra, known for its robust design and practical features, offers this simple yet crucial cargo light function to ensure users can load and unload their cargo with ease, regardless of the time of day. Knowing how to operate your vehicle’s lighting system not only improves utility but also contributes to a safer driving experience.

How To Turn On Cargo Light Gmc Sierra

To locate the Cargo Light switch in your GMC Sierra, you’ll typically find it on the headlight control panel, often situated to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard. Look for a symbol resembling a light with a cargo box, signifying the Cargo Light control.

For activation, ensure your vehicle’s ignition is set to the ‘On’ position. Then, simply push or toggle the switch to illuminate the cargo area. Should the light fail to turn on, ensure the bulb is intact and the fuse related to cargo lighting is not blown, as these are common troubleshooting steps.

Those interested in upgrading their Cargo Light on the GMC Sierra have various aftermarket lighting options. LEDs tend to be a popular choice, offering brighter illumination and longer life. The installation process for upgrades can vary; meticulous adherence to the manufacturer’s guide or consulting a professional is recommended to ensure proper fitting and optimal performance.

How to Turn on Cargo Light Gmc Sierra


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Turn On Cargo Light Gmc Sierra

How Do You Turn On The Cargo Light On A 2023 Gmc Sierra?

To turn on the cargo light in a 2023 GMC Sierra, press the cargo lamp button located on the headlight switch panel.

How Do You Turn On The Cargo Lights On A Silverado?

To turn on the cargo lights on a Silverado, use the switch located on the headlight control panel. Flip it to the bed light symbol to activate the cargo lights.

What Are Cargo Lights For?

Cargo lights illuminate the truck bed or cargo area, making it easier to load and unload goods in low-light conditions. They enhance visibility for safer and more efficient transport of items during nighttime or poor weather.

How Do You Turn On The Cargo Light On A Ram 1500?

To turn on the cargo light in a Ram 1500, rotate the left knob on the dash to the bedlamp symbol. This activates the cargo area illumination.


Turning on the cargo light in your GMC Sierra is a breeze with the steps outlined in this post. Remember to check your manual for model-specific instructions and utilize this feature for clearer visibility during nighttime tasks. Safe loading and unloading are now within easy reach, lighting up your truck’s capabilities, literally and figuratively.

Drive confidently, knowing you’ve mastered yet another aspect of your Sierra’s functionality.

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