How to Turn off Reverse Tilt Mirrors Gmc

How to Turn off Reverse Tilt Mirrors Gmc

To turn off reverse tilt mirrors on a GMC, navigate to your vehicle’s settings menu and deselect the reverse tilt mirror option. Consult your owner’s manual for model-specific instructions.

Driving a GMC vehicle enhances your experience with features designed for convenience and safety, such as reverse tilt mirrors. These mirrors automatically tilt downward when you reverse, aiding in curb visibility. While this feature is beneficial, some drivers may prefer to disable it for various reasons.

It may be due to the preference for a standard mirror position or an inclination for manual control. Understanding how to adjust your GMC’s settings can tailor the driving experience to your individual needs. Disabling the reverse tilt mirror function is simple, typically involving a few taps on your infotainment screen or through specific button sequences. Keep your drives comfortable and your vehicle personal by customizing features like the reverse tilt mirrors according to your driving style.

How to Turn off Reverse Tilt Mirrors Gmc


Understanding The Reverse Tilt Feature

Reverse tilt mirrors on GMC vehicles enhance visibility when backing up by tilting downward to show the curb or parking lines. Activating or deactivating this function can be managed through the vehicle’s settings menu, typically found on the dashboard or steering wheel controls. Users should locate the settings option for mirror adjustments, where they can access the reverse tilt options.

The benefits of reverse tilt mirrors include reduced blind spots and aid in parallel parking. However, some drivers may find this feature disorienting, leading to a preference to turn it off. Considering individual comfort and driving habits is crucial when deciding to use this feature.

Benefit Drawback
Reduced Blind Spots Can be disorienting for some
Aid in Parallel Parking Preference for standard mirror orientation

Disabling The Reverse Tilt Mirrors

Disabling the Reverse Tilt Mirrors on your GMC vehicle is a straightforward process aimed at enhancing your driving preferences. The functionality, designed for aiding in parallel parking, can sometimes be a nuisance to drivers who prefer a static mirror position when reversing.

The steps to turn off reverse tilt mirrors are as follows:

  • Start your vehicle and ensure it is stationary.
  • Select the mirror control button corresponding to the mirror you wish to adjust (typically labelled L for the driver’s side and R for the passenger’s side).
  • Push and hold the mirror selector in the opposite direction of the mirror’s tilt movement.
  • While keeping the selector pushed, shift your vehicle into Reverse gear.
  • Hold for a few seconds until the mirror moves slightly, indicating the manual override is complete.
  • Finally, return the gear to Park and test the functionality by shifting back into Reverse to ensure the mirror stays in place.

Remember to repeat the process for the other side if needed. This manual override process should not affect your regular mirror adjustments during forward driving.

Additional Tips

Maintaining tilt mirrors on your GMC vehicle ensures optimal visibility and safety. Frequent checks and cleaning will keep them operational and clear. Customization options, such as adjusting the angle for individual drivers or disabling the reverse tilt feature, cater to personal preferences. Remember to consult your vehicle’s manual for specific instructions or seek professional assistance for complex customizations. With proper maintenance, your mirrors will provide clear views and enhance your driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Turn Off Reverse Tilt Mirrors Gmc

How Do You Turn Off Reverse Tilt Mirrors?

To turn off reverse tilt mirrors, access your vehicle’s settings menu, navigate to the ‘Mirror’ options, and deselect ‘Reverse Tilt. ‘ Confirm your choice, if prompted, to save the setting.

How Do You Turn On Reverse Tilt Mirrors In Gmc?

To activate reverse tilt mirrors on a GMC vehicle, select ‘Settings’ from the infotainment system menu. Then choose ‘Vehicle,’ followed by ‘Comfort and Convenience,’ and enable the ‘Reverse Tilt Mirror’ option.

What Is The Reverse Tilt Mirror Feature?

The reverse tilt mirror feature automatically tilts side mirrors downward when a car reverses, improving visibility for parking or navigating obstacles.

Why Do My Mirrors Go Down In Reverse?

Your car’s mirrors tilt down in reverse to give you a better view of the curb and parking lines. This feature, often called “auto-tilt on reverse,” aids in safer and more precise parking maneuvers.


Deactivating the reverse tilt feature on your GMC mirrors is straightforward once you know the steps. Personalize your driving experience with ease. Remember, each model may vary slightly, so consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions. Embrace the control at your fingertips and enjoy the journey—your GMC, your way.

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