How to Put Mirrors on Jeep Without Doors

How to Put Mirrors on Jeep Without Doors

To put mirrors on a Jeep without doors, purchase doorless bracket mirrors and attach them directly to the door hinge or A-pillar. Adjust the mirrors as needed to ensure proper visibility.

Taking your Jeep out on an adventure often means removing the doors for an exhilarating open-air experience. Yet, safety and legality dictate the need for side mirrors at all times. A common solution for Jeep enthusiasts is the installation of mirrors that can operate independently of the doors.

With the right aftermarket accessories, adding these mirrors is both practical and straightforward. You can find a variety of mirror styles that maintain a clear line of sight for driving, ensuring you stay compliant with traffic laws while enjoying your door-free ride. Remember to always consult your Jeep’s manual and local regulations to ensure correct installation and road legality.

Importance Of Mirrors On A Doorless Jeep

Safety is paramount when navigating a doorless Jeep, and the inclusion of mirrors plays a pivotal role. The absence of doors removes the typical mirror mounting points, necessitating alternative arrangements. Mirrors provide critical spatial awareness and prevent blind spots, ensuring the driver is fully informed of surrounding traffic and obstacles. This becomes even more crucial during off-road excursions where unexpected terrain and obstacles demand constant vigilance.

From a legal standpoint, many regions have stringent requirements regarding the presence of side mirrors on vehicles. Operating a Jeep without doors can be a violation unless proper mirror arrangements are made to comply with state or local vehicle codes. Ensuring your doorless Jeep has legally positioned mirrors is essential to avoid citations and ensure road legality.

Mirrors contribute significantly to visibility, which is vital for safe driving. Adding additional mirrors or repositioning existing ones can enhance line-of-sight and improve driver confidence. Properly configured mirrors on a doorless Jeep facilitate safer lane changes, parking maneuvers, and general situational awareness without the structural visual impediments presented by doors.

How to Put Mirrors on Jeep Without Doors


Installing Doorless Jeep Mirrors

Selecting the right type of mirrors begins with understanding the Jeep’s requirements. Jeep owners should opt for mirrors that are compatible with their specific model, ensuring a perfect fit and adherence to road safety regulations. Consider durable materials that withstand off-road demands and provide clear visibility. Quick-release options offer flexibility for removing mirrors easily.

The tools required for installation generally include a ratchet, socket set, and wrenches. Some mirror kits may also need a screwdriver or Allen key. Always verify with the mirror’s instruction guide to gather all necessary equipment before starting the installation process.

  1. Begin by locating the door hinge bolt on the Jeep where the doors were attached.
  2. Remove any existing bolts or covers with the appropriate tools.
  3. Align the new doorless mirror’s mounting bracket with the door hinge.
  4. Secure the mirror firmly using the bolts provided in your kit, tightening them with the ratchet and socket.
  5. Finally, adjust the mirror to the preferred angle for optimal rear visibility.

Tips For Using Mirrors On A Doorless Jeep

Adjusting mirrors for optimum visibility requires precision and consideration of your driving habits. For a clear line of sight, ensure the mirror angles are positioned to cover blind spots typically obscured by Jeep doors. This often means mounting the mirrors on the A-pillar or the hinges where doors once connected, ensuring they are tightened securely to reduce vibration.

Maintaining and securing mirrors involves regular checks to confirm they’re well-attached and free of obstructions. Utilize locking mechanisms or mirror relocation brackets designed for doorless Jeeps, which help prevent theft and reduce the risk of mirrors shifting while driving.

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal with various mirror options can complement your Jeep’s style. Choose from a range of shapes and designs, such as circular or rectangular mirrors, and consider materials like high-grade steel or aluminum for lasting durability and a sleek look.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Put Mirrors On Jeep Without Doors

How Do You Put A Mirror On A Jeep?

To install a mirror on a Jeep, first gather necessary tools and the mirror assembly. Follow your Jeep’s manual for specific mounting locations. Attach the mirror bracket to the designated area, and secure it with provided screws or bolts. Finally, adjust the mirror for optimal visibility.

When You Take The Doors Off A Jeep Do You Need Mirrors?

Yes, when you remove the doors from a Jeep, you need side-view mirrors to comply with traffic laws, which generally require at least the driver’s side mirror and a rearview mirror.

How Do You Close The Mirrors On A Jeep?

To close the mirrors on a Jeep, manually push them towards the vehicle or use the power controls if available. Always ensure your model has foldable mirrors before attempting.

What Is Jeep Doors Off Mirror Kit?

A Jeep doors off mirror kit contains replacement side mirrors for use when the Jeep’s doors are removed, ensuring visibility and legal compliance.


Embarking on off-road adventures in a Jeep often means embracing the open-air experience. By following the steps outlined, you’ve learned how to secure mirrors onto a doorless Jeep safely and efficiently. Remember, proper placement not only complies with road laws but also ensures your safety and that of others while you enjoy the thrill of the drive.

Happy Jeeping!

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