How to Make Ram Tow Mirror Lights Stay on

To make Ram tow mirror lights stay on, you may need to customize the wiring. Consult the vehicle’s manual or an electrician for guidance.

Enhancing your Ram truck with ever-on tow mirror lights can boost both the aesthetic and functional appeal of your vehicle. Truck enthusiasts and drivers who frequently haul or tow at night find this modification particularly useful. It improves visibility, ensuring a safer drive by making your vehicle more noticeable to other road users.

Customizing your Ram’s tow mirror lights requires some knowledge of the vehicle’s electrical system and may involve additional switches or rewiring. It is essential to remember that all modifications should comply with local traffic regulations to avoid any legal issues. Before attempting this improvement, securing a clear understanding of the steps involved is crucial to ensure a successful and safe modification to your Ram truck’s lighting system.

Understanding The Ram Tow Mirror Lights

Tow mirror lights are integrated illumination devices found on the exterior mirrors of trucks, particularly the Ram series, which are designed for towing purposes. These lights serve a critical function by enhancing visibility and safety for the driver, especially during nighttime towing or when maneuvering through tight spaces. They work by casting light to the sides of the vehicle, which is beneficial not only for the person behind the wheel but also for other drivers on the road, indicating the wider profile of a vehicle towing a load.

The inclusion of tow mirror lights is an important feature for several reasons. Primarily, it ensures that the driver has a better peripheral view, aiding in the detection of potential hazards and obstacles. Moreover, the bright lights enhance the truck’s visibility, alerting other motorists of its presence and promoting overall roadway safety. Thus, the ability to keep these lights operational and, if desired, to have them remain on, is a key advantage for Ram truck owners who frequently tow at night.

How to Make Ram Tow Mirror Lights Stay on


How To Make Ram Tow Mirror Lights Stay On

Identifying the exact issue with the Ram Tow Mirror Lights is the first step. Commonly, it could be due to a faulty connection, a burnt-out bulb, or incorrect system settings. Diagnosing begins with a simple inspection of the mirror lights themselves, searching for any visible signs of damage.

Troubleshooting the electrical system requires careful examination. Begin by checking the fuses related to the tow mirror lights. A blown fuse might just be the culprit. If the fuses are intact, proceed to assess the wiring. Seek any loose connections or corrosion spots, often found at the connection points. Secure any loose wires and replace corroded elements.

Adjusting the settings may provide a simple fix. Access the vehicle’s settings through the infotainment system, finding the menu for external lights or accessories. Specific models have options to control the duration and brightness of the tow mirror lights. Ensure these settings are configured to keep the lights on as desired. For detailed instructions, refer to the owner’s manual as configurations can vary based on the vehicle’s year and model.

Other Considerations For Ram Tow Mirror Lights

Maintaining the functionality of your Ram tow mirror lights involves regular inspections for potential issues. Loose connections can be a common culprit behind lighting problems. It’s imperative to check the wiring and connectors thoroughly for any sign of wear or damage. Secure any loose wires you discover and ensure that connectors are firmly in place to prevent intermittent operability.

Professional help might be necessary if you encounter complex electrical issues. Qualified technicians can provide a comprehensive diagnosis and resolve any concerns efficiently. This route not only safeguards your vehicle’s electrical system but also ensures your safety on the road, especially while towing. Trusting experts can save you time and avoid potential frustrations associated with intricate electrical repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make Ram Tow Mirror Lights Stay On

How Do You Keep Mirrors From Folding In When Towing?

To prevent mirrors from folding while towing, ensure they are firmly locked into position. Check your vehicle’s manual for specific locking mechanisms. Regularly inspect for loose parts, and consider aftermarket accessories designed to secure towing mirrors. Keep adjustments minimal to avoid unwanted movement.

How Should Towing Mirrors Be Set?

Adjust towing mirrors to extend your view past your trailer. Angle them so that the horizon sits two-thirds up. Ensure a slight overlap with your vehicle’s standard mirrors for continuity. Check for clear visibility of approaching traffic and the trailer’s rear.

Adjust as needed for optimal coverage.

What Are Ram Tow Mirrors?

RAM tow mirrors are specially designed extendable mirrors for RAM trucks, enhancing visibility while towing large trailers or payloads. They provide a wider field of view, ensuring safer and more efficient towing.

What Do Tow Mirrors Do?

Tow mirrors extend a driver’s line of sight, allowing them to see past trailers or large loads. They help monitor towed items and improve safety on the road.


Wrapping up, ensuring your Ram tow mirror lights remain illuminated involves understanding the vehicle’s electrical system and utilizing the right modifications. By following the steps outlined in this guide, truck owners can safely and effectively keep these lights on, enhancing visibility and safety.

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