How to Identify a Labarge Mirror

How to Identify a Labarge Mirror

To identify a LaBarge mirror, check for a distinctive signature or label and unique design features. LaBarge mirrors often display ornate craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

LaBarge mirrors have long been considered a symbol of elegance in home decor. Known for their exquisite designs and excellent craftsmanship, these mirrors are coveted by interior designers and collectors alike. Spotting a LaBarge mirror involves examining the mirror for a branded signature, usually found on the back or along the edges.

The mirrors are also characterised by their luxurious frames, which often showcase intricate carvings, gilt finishes, and timeless motifs reminiscent of certain historical periods such as the Baroque or Rococo era. Authenticity often aligns with substantial weight due to quality materials used in production. Recognizing these defining elements not only aids in authentication but also ensures appreciation for the artisanship behind every LaBarge mirror.

History Of Labarge Mirrors

Labarge mirrors carry a rich history, reflective of exquisite craftsmanship and changing tastes in decor. Originating in the 17th century, these ornamental mirrors became synonymous with luxury and status. Recognizable by their intricate designs and high-quality construction, Labarge mirrors are prized by collectors and designers alike.

Their design evolution showcases a journey through various art movements and eras. The early Labarge mirrors often exhibited Baroque characteristics, with heavy, elaborate ornamentation and dark, dramatic wood frames. As time progressed, the influence of neoclassicism became apparent, introducing cleaner lines and lighter materials such as gilded bronze. This evolution allowed Labarge mirrors to consistently reflect prevailing design trends, ensuring their place as a timeless accent piece in elegant interiors.

Period Characteristics
17th Century Ornate designs, heavy construction, dark wood frames
Neoclassical Influence Cleaner lines, gilded bronze materials, lighter aesthetic
How to Identify a Labarge Mirror


Characteristics Of Labarge Mirrors

Labarge mirrors are renowned for their ornate and intricate details, often featuring lavish designs that set them apart from simpler models. These decorative elements typically include scrolling patterns, floral motifs, and other elegant embellishments that cover the frame, demonstrating a level of artistry and craftsmanship indicative of the brand.

The use of high-quality materials is a hallmark of Labarge mirrors, with the brand favoring substantial and durable resources like solid wood, brass, or bronze for their frames. The glass itself is also of superior grade, ensuring that Labarge mirrors not only exhibit a luxurious appearance but also stand the test of time with their exceptional build quality.

Identifying An Authentic Labarge Mirror

To identify an authentic LaBarge mirror, it is essential to check for signature markings and labels that are typically located on the backside of the mirror. Authentic pieces often feature the company’s distinctive logo, model number, and sometimes a signature, proving their authenticity. Authentic LaBarge mirrors hold a distinct craftsmanship that is difficult to replicate. Pay attention to the quality of the glass, the ornateness of the frame, and the precision of detailing.

Comparison with known authentic pieces can further aid in verification. Compare the mirror in question to verified LaBarge mirrors, looking at characteristics such as material quality, weight, and design intricacies. Each LaBarge mirror carries a history of elegance and a commitment to quality that is often evident when placed side by side with genuine counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Identify A Labarge Mirror

What Is The History Of Labarge Mirrors?

LaBarge mirrors originate from a 20th-century American company known for their high-quality, decorative mirrors reflecting Baroque and Rococo styles, beloved for their intricate designs and craftsmanship.

How Old Is A Mirror?

The age of a mirror depends on its creation date, varying from antique to brand new. Older mirrors can be centuries old, while others may have been manufactured recently.

What Is Labarge Furniture?

LaBarge furniture refers to high-end, decorative pieces known for intricate designs and mirror inlays, originating from the LaBarge company, which became prominent in the 20th century.

What Is A Labarge Mirror?

A LaBarge mirror is a high-quality, decorative mirror. LaBarge is known for craftsmanship and often intricate designs. It reflects a blend of classic and modern styles, making it a sought-after collector’s item for those appreciating intricate detailing and timeless elegance.


Recognizing a LaBarge mirror involves keen observation and a bit of research. By now, you should feel confident in distinguishing these elegant pieces. Remember to check for quality craftsmanship, signature design elements, and the maker’s mark. Your newfound knowledge ensures you can spot a genuine LaBarge mirror, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.

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