How to Hang Wreath on Mirror With Ribbon

How to Hang Wreath on Mirror With Ribbon

To hang a wreath on a mirror using ribbon, first secure a loop at the wreath’s base, then drape the ribbon over the top of the mirror and adjust the length until the wreath hangs at the desired height. Knot or tape the ribbon’s ends to the mirror’s back to keep everything in place.

Decorating with wreaths isn’t just for doors anymore; mirrors provide a perfect canvas for showcasing seasonal and celebratory wreaths in your home. Whether it’s a festive touch for the holidays or a floral accent for spring, hanging a wreath on a mirror adds depth and interest to your decor.

This simple DIY task transforms an ordinary mirror into a striking display, amplifying the beauty of the wreath through reflection. Not only does this method preserve the integrity of your walls by avoiding nails or hooks, but it also allows for an easy change when you want to update your decorations or celebrate a new season. With precise direction and attention to detail, anyone can achieve an elegant and elevated look in their home decor with the simple addition of a ribbon-hung wreath on a mirror.

How to Hang Wreath on Mirror With Ribbon


Materials Needed

Mastering the art of hanging a wreath on a mirror can add a touch of elegance to your decor. You’ll need a few basic materials to accomplish this task: a beautiful wreath, a length of decorative ribbon, and a couple of reliable adhesive hooks. Choose a ribbon that complements both the wreath and the mirror for a cohesive look. Make sure the hooks you pick can hold the weight of the wreath without causing damage to your mirror.

Selecting the perfect ribbon is crucial, as it will be visible and double as part of the decoration. Normally, a ribbon that’s at least 3 inches wide works well, providing strength and visibility. Adhesive hooks should be clear or mirror-toned to blend seamlessly with the mirror’s surface. Ensure the surface is clean before applying the hooks to optimize adherence.

Step-by-step Guide

Measuring the ribbon correctly is essential to ensure that your wreath hangs at the desired height. Begin by deciding the length of the ribbon needed to achieve your preferred placement on the mirror. Double the measurement to account for the loop that will go around the mirror and the part that attaches to the wreath.

To attach the ribbon to the wreath, find a secure spot on the wreath frame. Tie a strong knot or use a florist’s wire, ensuring it is tight and secure to prevent the wreath from slipping.

Hanging the wreath on the mirror requires careful handling. Place the loop over the top of the mirror and adjust the ribbon so the wreath hangs straight. You may need to secure the ribbon at the back of the mirror with tape or a suction cup hook for added stability. Ensure your knot is neat and hidden behind the wreath for a pristine look.

Enhancing The Look

Hanging a wreath on a mirror with ribbon not only adds a festive touch to your décor but also amplifies the aesthetic appeal of your space. Begin by selecting a ribbon that complements the look of your wreath — a color or texture that stands out against the mirror without overwhelming it. Once you have your materials ready, measure and cut a length of ribbon that is sufficient to loop around the wreath and provide enough slack for a bow or knot at the top.

Before affixing the wreath, take a moment to ensure symmetry. Center the decoration horizontally in relation to the mirror, making sure that it’s not tilted to one side, which could disrupt the harmony of your display. If necessary, use a tape measure or ruler to double-check the positioning, and adjust the ribbon length accordingly. A well-placed wreath serves as an integral part of the room’s visual balance, creating an inviting and refined atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Hang Wreath On Mirror With Ribbon

How Do You Stick A Wreath To A Mirror?

Use a suction cup wreath hook, pressing it firmly onto the mirror. Ensure the mirror and suction cup are clean for strong adherence.

How Do You Hang A Wreath With Just Ribbon?

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to loop around wreath and door. Secure the ribbon’s ends to the top edge of the door with a thumbtack or adhesive hook. Let the wreath hang gracefully at your desired height.

Do You Hang A Wreath With Ribbon Or Command Hook?

You can hang a wreath using either a ribbon for a traditional look or a Command hook for a damage-free option. Both methods are effective and cater to different aesthetics and surface considerations.

How Do You Hang Garland On A Mirror?

Use clear, removable hooks on the mirror’s edges. Hang garland securely, draping or weaving it around the hooks for a festive look.


Hanging a wreath on a mirror with ribbon adds a charming touch to any room. By choosing the right materials and following simple steps, you create an elegant display. Remember, the right ribbon and secure knots are key. Your mirror will shine with added festivity, effortlessly welcoming guests with style and warmth.

Now, go ahead and enhance your decor!

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