How to Fix Broken Side Mirror Plastic

How to Fix Broken Side Mirror Plastic

To fix broken side mirror plastic, start by cleaning the damaged area. Use super glue or a plastic binding adhesive to reattach the pieces.

Encountering a broken side mirror on your vehicle is both inconvenient and poses a safety risk. The side mirror, crucial for safe driving, requires immediate attention when damaged. Fortunately, repairs can typically be handled without professional help. This guide provides a straightforward approach to mending the plastic components of your side mirror.

As you prepare to fix the damage, ensuring the surface is clean will facilitate better adhesion. Selecting the right adhesive is paramount for a secure repair, with options like super glue or specially-formulated plastic epoxies offering a strong bond. Follow the instructions carefully to restore the integrity of your side mirror, improving both the appearance of your vehicle and your visibility on the road.

Assessing The Damage

Assessing the damage of a broken side mirror plastic begins with a thorough observation. Examine the impact area to understand the severity and whether the mirror simply needs reattaching or replacing. Check for cracks, splits, and splinters in the plastic. It’s crucial to identify any parts that might be loose. Loose pieces can complicate the repair process and may necessitate additional care or replacement.

Once all pieces have been accounted for, consider the scope of the damage. Is it a clean break or are there numerous fragments? This will dictate the complexity of the repair. Gather all broken or detached pieces before proceeding to ensure you have a complete understanding of what needs to be fixed. These initial steps are essential for a successful repair process.

Fixing Small Cracks

Repairing a broken side mirror plastic can be a straightforward task if addressed promptly. Begin by preparing the cracked area for the application of epoxy resin. Clean the surface thoroughly to ensure that there is no dust or debris that may hamper the adhesive process.

Once cleaned, apply a high-quality epoxy resin directly into the cracks. Use a putty knife or a toothpick to work the epoxy into the crevices, ensuring full coverage for a strong bond. Allow the epoxy to cure as per the manufacturer’s instructions, a crucial step for a durable repair.

After the epoxy has set, proceed to sanding the surface to achieve smoothness. Begin with a coarser grit sandpaper and gradually move to finer grits to avoid unnecessary scratches. This process will not only smooth out the filled-in cracks but also prepare the plastic for painting, if necessary, to match the car’s color for a seamless look.

Replacing The Entire Cover

Finding the correct replacement cover for your broken side mirror is crucial. Ensure compatibility by checking the make, model, and year of your vehicle. OEM parts are recommended for a perfect match, though aftermarket options may offer cost-saving benefits. Online retailers, auto part stores, and dealership parts departments are reliable sources.

To remove the old cover, gently pry it away starting at the edge closest to the car, using a plastic removal tool to avoid damage. Disconnect any heating wires or turn signal connectors if present. Align the new cover and press firmly until it snaps into place. Reconnect any electrical components before testing the functionality of your newly-installed side mirror cover.

How to Fix Broken Side Mirror Plastic


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Fix Broken Side Mirror Plastic

What Is The Best Glue For Side Mirror Plastic?

The best glue for attaching a side mirror plastic is a strong automotive adhesive like epoxy or specialized rearview mirror adhesive. These provide a durable and weather-resistant bond.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Side Mirror Plastic?

The cost to replace a side mirror plastic can vary, typically ranging from $15 to $50 for the part alone. Professional installation may increase the total cost.

How Do You Fix A Crack In A Plastic Mirror?

To fix a crack in a plastic mirror, clean the area with soap and water. Apply a plastic adhesive or epoxy to the crack, ensuring coverage. Allow it to dry as instructed on the product label.

How Do You Fix Cracked Plastic In A Car?

To fix cracked plastic in a car, clean the area with soap and water. Dry it, then apply a plastic adhesive or epoxy. Hold the pieces together until bonded. Sand the repaired area for a smooth finish, then apply paint if necessary.


Repairing a side mirror’s plastic can be a straightforward task. By following the steps outlined, you’ll restore both function and appearance. Remember, safety is key; always wear protective gear. Choose the right adhesive and give the mirror ample time to set.

Drive confidently, knowing you’ve tackled the repair yourself.

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