How to Fix Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

To fix an auto-dimming rear view mirror, first check the mirror’s sensor and wiring for issues. Ensure the mirror’s cleanliness and reset any connected electronics if necessary.

Auto-dimming rear view mirrors enhance driving safety by automatically reducing glare from vehicles behind you. This feature relies on sensors and electronics that can sometimes malfunction. Dealing with a non-functional auto-dimming mirror can be distracting and potentially dangerous, especially during night driving.

It’s important to address the problem promptly. Common issues include obstructed sensors, faulty wiring, or the need for a simple reset. By maintaining the mirror’s surface and connections, drivers can often restore full functionality without professional assistance. A properly working auto-dimming mirror not only ensures convenience but also contributes to a safer driving experience.

Troubleshooting Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

To troubleshoot an auto dimming rear view mirror, begin by identifying the issue. It’s crucial to understand how the dimming mechanism works; typically involving sensors and electronics that automatically adjust the mirror’s tint in response to light levels. Assessing malfunction symptoms requires checking whether the dimming function activates appropriately during different lighting conditions.

Practical solutions might include a straightforward approach like cleaning and tarnish removal, which can restore sensor sensitivity. It’s also essential to repair any faulty electrical connections, as these are often the culprits behind dimming issues.

For those issues beyond DIY methods, seeking professional assistance is recommended. Experts specialize in diagnosing and fixing intricate problems. If the mirror’s functionality cannot be restored, consideration of replacement options might be necessary, weighing the cost against the benefits of having a fully operational auto dimming mirror.

How to Fix Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Fix Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

Can An Auto Dimming Mirror Be Repaired?

Yes, an auto-dimming mirror can often be repaired. It usually involves replacing the damaged components or resealing the mirror’s edges if the issue is minor.

Why Does My Rear View Mirror Keep Going Dark?

Your rear view mirror may darken due to its auto-dimming feature, which helps reduce glare from headlights behind you at night.

What Makes A Mirror Auto Dimming?

An auto-dimming mirror uses a sensor and microprocessor to detect glare and automatically applies a tint to the glass, reducing reflection.

How Do You Test An Auto Dimming Mirror?

To test an auto-dimming mirror, shine a light on the mirror’s sensors and observe the dimming reaction. Verify that the reflection fades smoothly and clears up promptly when the light source is removed.


Fixing an auto-dimming rearview mirror doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right tools and guidance, resolving issues can be straightforward. Remember, safety and accuracy are crucial. Take your time to diagnose the problem, and consult a professional if needed.

Safe driving starts with clear visibility—ensure your mirror is in top condition.

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