How to Adjust Side Mirrors in Tesla Model 3

To adjust side mirrors in a Tesla Model 3, access the Controls menu on the touchscreen, then select ‘Mirrors’ to make adjustments. Use the left steering wheel button to control mirror movement for precise positioning.

Owning a Tesla Model 3 brings the future of driving into the present, and managing the vehicle’s settings is a seamless experience. Customizing the side mirror orientation ensures maximum visibility and safety on the road. Intuitive controls via the central touchscreen allow drivers to effortlessly tweak mirror angles.

Properly adjusted mirrors reduce blind spots, a crucial aspect of Tesla’s design philosophy, which prioritizes driver awareness. The Model 3’s interface, distinguished by its user-friendliness, grants quick access to vehicle adjustments. This not only enhances driver comfort but also upholds Tesla’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with simplicity and elegance in design. As a Tesla owner, mastering these straightforward customization options is key to enjoying the full potential of your electric vehicle.

Adjusting The Side Mirrors In Tesla Model 3

Ensuring the correct adjustment of side mirrors on your Tesla Model 3 significantly enhances driving safety. Proper mirror positioning minimizes blind spots and maximizes visibility, essential for safe driving. Key to this process is understanding the fundamental principles of side mirror adjustment and employing the advanced features unique to Tesla.

Make use of the multidirectional mirror adjustment feature to pinpoint the optimal angle. For Tesla owners, the Auto Tilt function plays a pivotal role in achieving the ideal mirror position when reversing, while the Blind Spot Detection system serves as an adjunct safety measure.

Step Action
1 Locate the Mirror Control on your Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen.
2 Select the Appropriate Mirror (left or right) you wish to adjust.
3 Utilize the Multidirectional Adjustment to set the mirror’s position.

By adhering to the step-by-step guide and utilizing these techniques, Tesla Model 3 drivers can achieve enhanced safety through proper side mirror alignment.

How to Adjust Side Mirrors in Tesla Model 3


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Adjust Side Mirrors In Tesla Model 3

How Do I Adjust Side Mirrors On Tesla 3?

To adjust the side mirrors on a Tesla Model 3, tap the car icon on the touchscreen, select ‘Quick Controls’, then ‘Mirrors’, and use the left steering wheel button to position them as needed.

How Do I Adjust My Side View Mirror?

To adjust your side view mirror, sit in your normal driving position. Use the car’s mirror controls to tilt the mirror until you see the road and car side. Ensure no large vehicle parts obstruct the view. Adjust until you have a clear view of the lane beside you.

How Do You Auto Fold Mirrors On A Tesla Model 3?

To auto-fold mirrors on a Tesla Model 3, go to ‘Controls’ on the touchscreen, select ‘Vehicle,’ and then enable ‘Mirror Auto Fold. ‘

How Do You Move The Rear View Mirror On A Tesla Model 3?

To adjust the rearview mirror in a Tesla Model 3, gently grasp the mirror’s edges and tilt it to the desired angle. Avoid using excessive force to prevent damage.


Adjusting your Tesla Model 3’s side mirrors correctly enhances road safety and your driving experience. By following the simple steps outlined, you ensure optimal visibility, minimizing blind spots. Remember, proper mirror alignment is not just a convenience but a key to safer driving.

Drive confidently, knowing your Tesla mirrors are perfectly positioned.

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