3500 Watt Craftsman Generator

3500 Watt Craftsman Generator

The 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator is a reliable and efficient choice for all your power needs. With its 3500-watt capacity, it provides ample power to run various appliances and devices.

Available on Amazon. com, the Craftsman generator is a popular and well-regarded option in the market. It offers durability, convenience, and dependable performance, making it a good investment for both residential and commercial use.

Features Of The 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator

Compact and Portable Design: The 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to transport and store. Whether you need power at a job site, during an outdoor event, or in the event of a power outage, this generator is convenient to use.

Reliable Power Output: With a power output of 3500 watts, this Craftsman Generator delivers reliable power to run various appliances and tools. It can handle essential items such as lights, refrigerators, and sump pumps during a power outage.

Fuel Efficiency: The Craftsman Generator is designed to be fuel-efficient, allowing you to get the most out of every gallon of fuel. This feature is particularly beneficial during extended power outages or when running the generator for long periods.

Overall, the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator offers a compact and portable design, reliable power output, and fuel efficiency. It is a versatile and reliable generator that can meet your power needs in various situations.

Power Output And Performance

When it comes to power output and performance, the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator delivers impressive results. With a wattage of 3500 and a voltage output that meets industry standards, this generator provides the necessary power for various applications. Whether you need to power essential household appliances during a blackout or run power tools on a job site, this generator has got you covered.

With regards to running time and fuel capacity, this Craftsman generator offers a decent fuel tank capacity that ensures extended use without frequent refueling. The running time will vary depending on the power load, but generally, you can expect hours of uninterrupted power supply from this generator.

If you are considering purchasing a generator, the Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator is definitely worth considering. Its reliable power output, consistent performance, and reasonable fuel capacity make it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial use.

Durability And Safety Features

When it comes to durability and safety features, the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator stands out with its strong and sturdy construction. This generator is built to withstand tough conditions, ensuring that it lasts for a long time. With its low oil shutdown system, you can have peace of mind knowing that the generator will automatically shut down when the oil level is too low, preventing any damage to the engine.

Additionally, the Craftsman Generator also comes with overload protection, which safeguards the generator and your appliances from any sudden power surges. This feature is crucial in preventing any potential damage or fire hazards. It provides an added layer of safety, making this generator a reliable choice.

Noise Level And Ease Of Use

3500 Watt Craftsman Generator

The 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator is a reliable power source with a noise level that sets it apart from other generators in the market. When it comes to noise reduction, this generator stands out with its low noise level. Comparing to similar generators, it produces only 49 decibels of noise, ensuring a quieter operation. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, as it won’t disturb the peace in your neighborhood or camping site.

In terms of usability, this Craftsman generator is designed with user-friendly controls. The intuitive interface allows for easy operation, even for those who are not familiar with generators. The controls are well-placed and clearly labeled, making it a breeze to start, stop, and adjust the generator according to your needs.

Additionally, the generator requires minimum maintenance. Its durable construction and quality components ensure long-lasting performance with minimal upkeep. With regular maintenance and proper care, this generator can serve as a reliable power source for various applications, including powering your essential appliances during power outages or providing electricity for your outdoor activities.

Benefits And Applications

A 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator offers a variety of benefits and applications. One of its key advantages is its ability to serve as an emergency power backup. During power outages, having a reliable generator can help keep essential appliances and devices running, ensuring comfort and convenience in your home.

Additionally, this generator is highly portable, making it an excellent choice for camping and other outdoor activities. Whether you need power for lighting, cooking, or charging electronic devices, the Craftsman Generator can provide the necessary power to meet your needs.

Furthermore, this generator is perfect for DIY projects and construction sites. It can power tools and equipment, making it easier to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. With its durable build and reliable performance, the Craftsman Generator is a trusted companion for various applications.

3500 Watt Craftsman Generator

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Comparisons With Similar Generators

Comparison Generator Model
Honda EU3000iS vs. Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator Both generators are reliable and efficient, providing steady power output. The Honda EU3000iS boasts a slightly higher wattage and is known for its quiet operation and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, the Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator offers comparable performance at a more affordable price. It is equipped with a reliable engine and features like a fuel gauge and multiple outlet options.
Generac GP3500iO vs. Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator The Generac GP3500iO is a powerful generator with a user-friendly interface and multiple outlets. It features an easy-to-use control panel and solid construction. The Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator, on the other hand, offers similar power output and performance, but at a lower price point. It is designed for durability and ease of use, making it a reliable choice for various power needs.
Champion 3400 Watt vs. Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator The Champion 3400 Watt Generator and Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator are both versatile and dependable options. The Champion generator offers a slightly lower wattage but compensates with advanced features such as a remote start and quiet operation. The Craftsman generator, on the other hand, provides comparable power output and affordability. It is designed to withstand tough conditions and deliver consistent performance.

When it comes to choosing a generator, it’s important to consider your specific power needs and budget. Both the Honda EU3000iS and Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator are reliable options, with the Honda model offering slightly higher wattage and fuel efficiency. The Generac GP3500iO and Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator are both powerful choices, but the Craftsman generator comes at a lower price point. Finally, the Champion 3400 Watt Generator and Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator are both dependable options, with the Champion model offering a remote start feature and quiet operation. Overall, each generator has its own unique features and advantages, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Maintenance And Troubleshooting

  • Check the oil level and change it regularly to ensure proper lubrication of the engine.
  • Inspect the air filter and clean or replace it if necessary to prevent debris from entering the generator.
  • Examine the spark plug and replace it if worn out to ensure efficient ignition.
  • Inspect the fuel level and add fuel stabilizer to avoid fuel degradation.
  • Check the battery and cables for any signs of damage or corrosion and clean or replace them as needed.
  • Inspect the fuel lines and connections for leaks and tighten or replace them if necessary.
  • Test the generator regularly to ensure it starts and runs smoothly.
  • No power output: Check the circuit breaker and reset if tripped. Inspect the voltage regulator and replace if faulty.
  • Overloading: Disconnect any unnecessary appliances to reduce the load on the generator.
  • Engine starting issues: Check the spark plug, fuel lines, and carburetor for any clogs or damage. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Low oil shutdown: Ensure the oil level is sufficient and the sensor is not faulty.
  • Excessive noise or vibrations: Check for loose or worn-out parts and tighten or replace as necessary.
  • Fuel leaks: Inspect the fuel lines, connections, and tank for any leaks. Repair or replace as needed.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Are you wondering if the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator is worth it? Look no further. Customers have been raving about this powerful generator, giving it overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials. Users love the reliable performance and durability of the Craftsman generator. It consistently receives high ratings for its ability to provide a stable power supply in various situations. Many customers have praised its efficiency and ease of use, making it a favorite among both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

On the other hand, there are some negative feedback and concerns raised by a few customers. Some users have reported issues with starting the generator, while others found it to be noisy during operation. It’s worth noting that these complaints are a minority, and overall, the Craftsman generator receives positive ratings and reviews from the majority of customers.

In conclusion, the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator has earned a solid reputation among customers. Its positive reviews and testimonials speak volumes about its performance and reliability. So if you’re searching for a good generator, the Craftsman Generator is definitely worth considering.

Where To Buy And Pricing

Find the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator at Amazon. com priced at $549. Is the Craftsman generator a reliable option for your power needs? Search to learn more.

Online Retailers and Marketplaces Pricing Options and Deals
Craftsman Generator – Amazon.com $349.99
If you’re wondering where to buy a 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator, one of the popular options is to purchase it from Amazon.com. They offer the generator at a competitive price of $349.99. Amazon provides a reliable platform for online shopping with a wide variety of products, including tools and machinery. With their trusted delivery services, you can have the generator conveniently shipped to your doorstep. Furthermore, Amazon often offers deals and discounts, which could potentially save you some money on your purchase. So, if you’re in the market for a Craftsman generator, be sure to check out Amazon.com for a great price and reliable shopping experience. Remember to shop around and compare prices on different online retailers and marketplaces to ensure you get the best deal possible for the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator.

Frequently Asked Questions On 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator

How Long Will A Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator Run?

A Craftsman 3500 watt generator can run for approximately 8-12 hours on a full tank of gas.

What Will A 3500 Watt Generator Run?

A 3500 watt generator can run household appliances such as small refrigerators, fans, lights, computers, and power tools. However, it may not be able to handle larger appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators with freezers.

Is Craftsman Generator A Good Generator?

Craftsman generator is considered a good generator with reliable performance and durability. It provides efficient power output for various applications.

How Big Is The Gas Tank On A Craftsman 3500 Watt Generator?

The Craftsman 3500 watt generator has a gas tank of a standard size. The exact measurement of the gas tank is not specified.


The 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator is a reliable and efficient power source that offers unmatched convenience and versatility. With its sturdy construction and high power output, it is the perfect companion for both outdoor adventures and emergency situations. Its compact design and easy-to-use features make it a favorite choice among users.

So if you’re looking for a generator that combines durability, performance, and convenience, the 3500 Watt Craftsman Generator is definitely a great investment.

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