Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother


The houseguests on Big Brother are always scheming and tonight was no different. After a long day of competitions, the houseguests were finally called to the living room to find out who would be going home. Julie Chen announced that the two people with the least amount of votes would be nominated for eviction and the person with the most votes would automatically be safe.

As the votes were read, it became clear that Kaitlyn and Scott were the two nominees. Kaitlyn had received four votes and Scott had received six. This meant that Scott would be going home unless he won the veto competition.

Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother? Another week, another eviction on Big Brother. This time, it was Kaysar who was sent packing, after a close vote that saw him losing by just two votes.

Kaysar had been a target for much of the game, but he managed to survive several evictions thanks to his alliance with Janelle. In the end though, it wasn’t enough and Kaysar became the seventh person to be evicted from the house. Now, there are just seven people left in the house and the end is in sight.

Who will win this season of Big Brother? Only time will tell!

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Who Has Been Evicted from Big Brother 24?

The first person to be evicted from Big Brother 24 was Kemi Fakunle. Kemi is a 26-year-old marketing strategist from Brooklyn, New York. She was nominated for eviction by Head of Household David Alexander.

Kemi became the first member of the Big Brother 24 jury when she was evicted on Day 21 by a vote of 7-2. Her fellow houseguests cited her lack of strategy and game play as the reason for her eviction. Now that Kemi has been evicted, there are 11 houseguests remaining in the game.

The next eviction will take place on Thursday, August 8th.

Who Won Head of Household?

The Head of Household (HOH) is a title given to the player who wins the final HOH competition of each Big Brother season. The titleholder is usually responsible for nominating two other players for eviction, as well as being exempt from the next week’s eviction. However, in some seasons (such as Big Brother 7: All-Stars), the HOH may have to nominate three players for eviction.

In Big Brother 20, Kaycee won the final HOH and chose not to use her power to evict any of the three remaining houseguests. This meant that all three houseguests – JC, Tyler and Angela – were automatically nominated for eviction. Kaycee then cast the sole vote to evict Angela, making her the de facto winner of Big Brother 20.

Who Did Michael Put on the Block?

In the latest episode of Big Brother, Michael put up Kemi and David on the block for eviction. This was a big move because it put two of the biggest threats in the game against each other. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and who will be evicted!

Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother

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Who Left Big Brother Tonight 2022

Who Left Big Brother Tonight 2022 was a surprise to everyone. We thought we knew who was going to be the final four, but one of them ended up leaving early. We don’t know why they left or where they went, but we’re glad they did.

It’s always good to see new people in the house and this person will definitely add some excitement to the season.

Who was Nominated on Big Brother Tonight

Who was Nominated on Big Brother Tonight? The nominees for tonight’s eviction were announced and they are: Kaysar, Janelle, and Bayleigh. This is Kaysar’s fourth time being nominated this season and Janelle’s third.

Bayleigh has only been nominated once before. The Head of Household for this week is Memphis.

What Happened on Big Brother Tonight

The title of tonight’s episode was “I Have to Go Home.” The houseguests were informed that one of them would be evicted, but they didn’t know who. After a lot of discussion and debate, the houseguests finally came to a vote.

By a vote of 5-2, Kaitlyn was evicted from the Big Brother house. Kaitlyn took her eviction in stride and said she had an amazing experience on the show. She also said she was happy to get out before things got too serious.

Now that Kaitlyn is gone, there are only seven houseguests left in the game. Who will be next to go? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!


It was a bittersweet night for Big Brother fans as we said goodbye to two houseguests. In a unanimous vote, Kaysar was sent to the jury house, leaving Nicole A. as the only remaining member of his alliance. Then in a blindside, Tyler decided to use the veto on himself, sending Dani to the jury house.

This leaves Nicole F. and Christmas as the final two women in the house.

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