Who was Sent Home Tonight on the Bachelorette

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It was a tough night for the bachelors vying for Hannah Brown’s heart. Five men were sent home, leaving ten men remaining in the competition. The first man to be sent home was Luke P., who had been one of Hannah’s front runners throughout the season.

Next, she said goodbye to Connor S., Dustin H., Garrett P., and Devin K. While it was a difficult decision, she is confident that she made the right choice for her journey to find love.

Who was sent home tonight on the Bachelorette? We found out in a shocking turn of events that two men were sent home tonight on the Bachelorette. This means that there are now only four men remaining in the running for Rachel Lindsay’s heart.

The first man to be sent home was DeMario Jackson, who had been involved in a scandal earlier in the season. The second man was Lee Garrett, who had been causing drama all season long. This leaves us with four men: Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus, and Dean Unglert.

Who will Rachel choose in the end? We’ll have to wait and see!

Bachelorette Contestant Storms Back in After Getting Kicked Out!

Are Rachel And Tino Still Together?

No, Rachel and Tino are no longer together.

Who Does Gabby Pick on The Bachelorette 2022?

Gabby Pick is a contestant on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. She is a former beauty queen and model who has also worked as a nanny. Gabby is from San Diego, California and is 26 years old.

So far, we don’t know much about Gabby or who she will be picking on The Bachelorette 2022. However, we do know that she is beautiful, intelligent and seems like she would be a great catch for any guy lucky enough to win her heart. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out when the show airs later this year.

Who Left the Bachelor in 2022?

It’s been a long and winding road, but we’ve finally reached the end of another season of The Bachelor. And just like that, another person has been given the final rose and is ready to start their life with their new fiancé. But who exactly was sent home packing this time around?

This season’s Bachelor was Arie Luyendyk Jr., a race car driver from Scottsdale, Arizona. He had previously been on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2012, where he placed first runner-up. After being rejected by Emily (who went on to marry Tyler Johnson), Arie took some time off from reality TV to focus on his racing career.

But now he’s back and ready to find love again! Out of the 29 women who started this season, only two remain: Kendall Long and Lauren Burnham. These ladies have had quite a journey over the past few months, but in the end, it was Arie who had to make the tough decision of which one to send home.

So, who did Arie choose? And who was left heartbroken and heading home? Keep reading to find out!

Arie chose Lauren as his winner and they are currently engaged! They met each other during filming for The Bachelor Winter Games earlier this year and hit it off immediately. Though there were definitely some bumps along the way (including a brief breakup), these two stuck it out until the very end.

We wish them all the best in their future together!

Who Does Rachel Pick on The Bachelorette 2022?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it has not yet been revealed who Rachel picks on The Bachelorette 2022. However, based on the current season of The Bachelor, it seems likely that she will choose between frontrunners Bryan and Peter.

Who was Sent Home Tonight on the Bachelorette

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Who Went Home on the Bachelorette Tonight 2022

The Bachelorette season is well underway and tonight we saw another rose ceremony. This time, however, there were some big changes. Here’s a look at who went home on The Bachelorette tonight 2022.

As always, the rose ceremony started with host Chris Harrison asking the group of guys how they’re feeling. After that, it was time for Becca to hand out roses. The first rose went to Blake, followed by Garrett, Jason, Connor and Wills.

The next rose went to Leo, which meant that Jean Blanc was going home. He seemed surprised but handled it well and even gave Becca a hug goodbye. Next up was Lincoln who got the final rose of the night, leaving Chase and Ryan without a rose.

They both seemed shocked as they said their goodbyes to Becca. So there you have it! two men were sent home during The Bachelorette season premiere tonight 2022 leaving us with 15 guys still in the running for Becca’s heart.

Who Went Home on the Bachelor Tonight 2022

The Bachelor is back for its 25th season, and tonight we saw the first elimination of the season. So who went home on The Bachelor tonight? We said goodbye to Bri Springs, a 24-year-old nanny from San Diego, CA.

Bri had a great connection with Matt James during their one-on-one date, but she just didn’t seem to click with him as much as some of the other women. Bri was definitely upset to be sent home, but she handled it with grace and maturity. She even gave Matt a big hug before leaving in the limo.

We’re sad to see Bri go, but we’re excited to see what the rest of the season has in store!

Who Went Home on Bachelor Tonight

It was a night of heartbreak and surprises on Bachelor tonight. Arie Luyendyk Jr. sent two women home, leaving eight remaining in the competition for his heart. The first woman to be eliminated was Jackie Gordon.

Arie said that he appreciated her honesty and vulnerability, but that he just didn’t feel a connection with her. The second woman to go home was Lauren Schafer. Arie said that he had a great time with her, but that he just didn’t see their relationship going anywhere in the future.

This left eight women remaining: Becca Kufrin, Kendall Long, Krystal Nielson, Lauren Burnham, Seinne Fleming, Tia Booth, Bibiana Julian and Chelsea Roy. Who will be the next to go home? Tune in next week to find out!


The Bachelorette contestant Luke P. was sent home during a two-on-one date with Hannah Brown. This is the second time that Luke has been on a two-on-one date; the first was with Caelynn Miller-Keyes, where he also was sent home. During his time on the show, Luke has been called out for being too aggressive and pushy with Hannah.

Some of the other contestants have even said that they feel like he is there for the wrong reasons. After hearing all of this, Hannah decided it was time to let Luke go.

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