What were the Stains on Eddie’S Bed

The stains on Eddie’s bed were a mystery to everyone. They appeared one day and no one knew how they got there. Some said that Eddie must have been sick, but he denied it.

Others said that he must have had an accident, but he also denied this. The only thing that was certain was that the stains were there and they were not going away.

Eddie’s bed was covered in stains. Some were old and some were new, but all of them were there. It looked like a battlefield.

Bloodstains, sweatstains, vomitstains, urine stains… you name it, it was probably there. The stains on Eddie’s bed told a story. They were the story of a man who had been through a lot in his life.

They were the story of a man who had seen and done things that most people could never even imagine. Eddie didn’t care about the stains on his bed. To him, they were just part of life.

They didn’t bother him and he didn’t see them as being dirty or anything like that. He was just used to them. Some people might have thought that Eddie was gross because of the stains on his bed, but he didn’t care what they thought.

What are them stains Eddie??? (Their where stains on his bed)

What were the Stains on Eddie’S Bed

Eddie’s bed was covered in stains. The most prevalent were bloodstains, but there were also other bodily fluids present. It is likely that Eddie had been using his bed as a place to engage in self-harm for some time, as the stains were old and had not been cleaned up properly.

This would explain why Eddie’s father was so reluctant to let him sleep in his own bed when he came to visit.

What Caused the Stains on Eddie’S Bed

Eddie’s bed was stained with blood. The cause of the stains was a nosebleed.

How Did Eddie Remove the Stains from His Bed

Assuming you are referring to the scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie’s little brother, Randy, spills his eggnog on Eddie’s bedspread… Eddie probably removed the stains from his bed by soaking the bedspread in cold water with some laundry detergent. He might have also used a brush or scrubber to help loosen and remove the dried eggnog.

What were the Stains on Eddie'S Bed

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What were the Stains on Eddie’S Bed Reddit

Eddie’s bed stains were a mystery to Reddit. Some people speculated that they were from spilled food or drinks, while others thought they might be from something more sinister. The truth is, no one really knows for sure what caused the stains.

Eddie himself has never said anything about them, so we can only speculate.

What was under Lucas Bed Stranger Things

In the Netflix series Stranger Things, Lucas Sinclair is one of the main characters. He is a close friend of Mike Wheeler and Dustin Henderson, and is also romantically interested in Max Mayfield. In the second season of the show, it is revealed that Lucas has a step-sister named Erica.

Lucas is shown to be a very smart individual, often coming up with strategies for the group to use when facing threats. He is also an experienced liar, able to convince people of things that are not true. This comes in handy on multiple occasions throughout the series.

One example is in the first season, when he tells Joyce Byers that he saw WillBegging her for help when he was really just trying to get into her house so he could look for clues about Will’s disappearance. In another instance, he lies to Nancy Wheeler about seeing Barb Holland alive and well in order to prevent her from going looking for her missing friend. Despite his lying habits, Lucas is generally portrayed as a good person who cares deeply for his friends.

He stands up for them when they are being bullied and always has their backs – even if it means getting into trouble himself.

Stranger Things Eddie Stains

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Stranger Things, then you’re probably familiar with the character Eddie Stains. He’s the older brother of Mike Wheeler and is known for his rebellious attitude and bad boy persona. While he may not be the nicest guy on the show, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most interesting characters.

Here are some things you may not have known about him: 1. His full name is Edward Michael Stains. 2. He was born on October 28th, 1967.

3. He has two younger siblings: Mike and Nancy Wheeler. 4. His parents are Karen and Ted Stains. 5. He dropped out of high school in order to join a band called The Wax Kids.


Eddie’s bed was covered in stains. Some were old and some were new. He didn’t know what they were all from, but he knew that some were from food and some were from sweat.

He didn’t care too much about the stains, but his wife did. She always made him clean them off before she would let him sleep in the bed.

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