What Happens If You Don’T Refrigerate Apple Juice After Opening


Apple juice is a fruit juice made from apples. It is a popular beverage and can be found in many supermarkets. However, what happens if you don’ t refrigerate apple juice after opening?

The answer may surprise you. If you don’ t refrigerate apple juice after opening, the drink will start to ferment. This is because the sugar in the apple juice will begin to convert into alcohol.

As the fermentation process continues, the alcohol content of the drink will increase. Eventually, the apple juice will become like wine or beer.

If you don’t refrigerate apple juice after opening it, the juice will start to spoil. TheApple juice will become discolored and develop an off flavor. If you consume spoiled applejuice, you may experience nausea and vomiting.So, it’s important to refrigerate your apple juice after opening it, in order to keep itfresh and prevent food poisoning.

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How Long Can Opened Apple Juice Stay Unrefrigerated?

Apple juice can stay unrefrigerated for about a week. After that, it starts to spoil and develop bacteria that can cause food poisoning. So it’s important to refrigerate apple juice as soon as you open it.

Can You Leave Opened Apple Juice Unrefrigerated?

Yes, you can leave opened apple juice unrefrigerated. The main reason to refrigerate apple juice is to prevent it from going bad. Once opened, apple juice will start to oxidize and turn brown.

This process is accelerated by heat and light, so it’s best to keep opened apple juice in a cool, dark place. If you’re not going to drink the whole bottle right away, you can extend its shelf life by storing it in the fridge.

What Happens If You Drink Apple Juice That Has Been Sitting Out?

Apple juice that has been sitting out will go bad and become unfit to drink. The nutritional value of the juice will also decrease, making it less healthy. If you are going to drink apple juice that has been sitting out, make sure to check the expiration date first.

What Happens If You Don'T Refrigerate Apple Juice After Opening

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How Long is Apple Juice Good for After Opening Unrefrigerated

Once you open a bottle of apple juice, it starts to oxidize and deteriorate. Even if you put it in the fridge, it will only last for about a week before it starts to turn brown and lose its flavor. If you want to keep your apple juice fresh for as long as possible, make sure to store it in a cool, dark place like the pantry or cupboard.

What Happens If You Don’T Refrigerate Cranberry Juice After Opening

If you don’t refrigerate cranberry juice after opening, it will spoil and become unsafe to drink. Cranberry juice is a highly acidic fruit juice, and without proper refrigeration, it will quickly go bad. The high acidity level of cranberry juice makes it susceptible to bacterial growth, and when bacteria grows in fruit juice, it can cause food poisoning.

If you have consumed spoiled cranberry juice, you may experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. To avoid getting sick from spoiled cranberry juice, always refrigerate the juice after opening and consume it within 7 days.

Do You Have to Refrigerate Juice After Opening

Most of us have been there before – we open up a refreshing carton of juice, take a few sips… and then forget to put it back in the fridge. But does juice really need to be refrigerated after opening? The answer is: it depends.

Here’s a breakdown of how different types of juice fare after being left out at room temperature: Pasteurized juices: Because these have been heat-treated to eliminate bacteria, they’re safe to drink even if left unrefrigerated for a few days. However, over time, pasteurized juices will start to lose their flavor and nutrients.

So while you don’t need to refrigerate them immediately after opening, it’s best to enjoy them within a week or so. Unpasteurized juices: These haven’t undergone the same heat treatment as pasteurized varieties, meaning they could harbor harmful bacteria. For this reason, unpasteurized juices should always be kept refrigerated – both before and after opening.

Ideally, consume them within a day or two of opening for maximum freshness. As you can see, whether or not you need to refrigerate your juice after opening depends on the type of juice it is. In general, unpasteurized juices should be treated with extra care since they can go bad more quickly than pasteurized varieties.

So next time you find yourself with an open carton of juice, make sure to check the label so you know how long you have before needing to pop it in the fridge!


If you don’t refrigerate apple juice after opening, it will start to spoil. The apple juice will become sour and have an off-flavor. It’s important to refrigerate apple juice after opening because the fruit enzymes that cause spoiling are still active at room temperature.

Once the apple juice is refrigerated, the enzymes will slow down and the shelf life will be extended.

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