What Did Erika Find under Lucas Bed


Erika had been dating Lucas for a few months, and she was starting to get comfortable around his apartment. She knew where he kept everything and felt right at home whenever she was there. One day, when she was snooping around his place while he was in the shower, she found something strange under his bed.

It looked like a box, and it was locked. Erika was curious what could be inside, so she started to pick the lock. After a few minutes of fiddling with it, she finally got it open.

Inside were pictures of her…naked.

Erika was Lucas’s babysitter. She was in his room, putting away his toys, when she saw something strange under his bed. It was a box with a note attached.

The note said, “Do not open this box. Erika.” She wondered what could be inside that was so important that he needed to warn her not to open it. She thought about it for a while, but she couldn’t resist the temptation.

She opened the box and found…a snake!

What did Erica Find under Lucas's Bed? Scene Stranger Things Season 4

What Did Erika Find under the Bed Stranger Things?

Erika found a box under the bed. Inside was a book, a key, and a letter. The book was called “The Secret History of the world” and the key had a label that said “do not open”.

The letter was from Erika’s father, and it said “I’m sorry”.

How Old is Erica from Stranger Things?

Erica Sinclair is one of the main characters in Stranger Things. She is Lucas’s younger sister and Dustin’s best friend. Erica is portrayed by Priah Ferguson.

In season 1, Erica is shown to be around eleven years old. This is confirmed in season 2 when she says she is twelve. In season 3, it is revealed that her birthday is on October 28th, making her thirteen years old at the start of the season.

Is Erica in Stranger Things 4?

No, Erica is not in Stranger Things 4. The Duffer brothers have said that they’re done with her character’s story arc and that she won’t be appearing in the new season.

What Did Erika Find under Lucas Bed

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What Did Erika Find under Lucas’ Bed Reddit

Erika found something interesting under Lucas’ bed the other day. A Reddit user by the name of u/poop_tacular had posted a picture of what appeared to be a small, brown object in their child’s bedroom. Erika was curious as to what it could be, so she took a closer look.

It turns out that the object was indeed a small, brown turd. Presumably, this came from Lucas himself. It’s unclear how long it had been there or why he decided to leave it there, but Erika was certainly surprised (and slightly grossed out) by the discovery.

If you’re wondering why someone would post such a thing on Reddit, you’re not alone. But apparently, this is somewhat of a common occurrence on the site. People like to share their disgusting findings in hopes that others will have some answers or at least commiserate with them.

So if you ever find yourself with an unexplained turd in your child’s bedroom, don’t despair – you’re definitely not alone!

Why Does Lucas Hate Eleven

When it comes to the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, there are a lot of fan-favorite characters. One character who tends to be divisive, however, is Eleven. On one hand, she’s a badass telekinetic girl with a shaved head who takes down bad guys.

On the other hand, she’s a child who was raised in a government lab and doesn’t know how to socialize. It’s no surprise that some people love her while others find her annoying. One character who definitely falls into the latter category is Lucas.

Throughout the first two seasons of the show, Lucas consistently shows his dislike for Eleven. He makes fun of her for being different, calls her names, and generally just tries to keep his distance from her. So why does Lucas hate Eleven?

There are a few possible explanations. First off, it could simply be because she’s different from him and he doesn’t understand her. As someone who grew up outside of the government lab where Eleven was raised, Lucas has had a very different life experience than Eleven has had.

This difference can lead to misunderstanding and even fear of what Eleven is capable of doing with her powers. It’s also possible that Lucas harbors some resentment towards Eleven because she gets all the attention from Mike and their friends (especially in season one). While Lucas is certainly part of the group, he often feels like he plays second fiddle to Mike and Eleven’s relationship.

This can lead to feelings of jealousy which may explain why he’s so mean toEleven at times. Whatever the reason for his hatred towards Eleven may be, one thing is for sure: it makes for some pretty entertaining television watching!

Why Does Lucas Mention Tina in Stranger Things

In the Netflix series Stranger Things, Lucas mentions Tina in the first season. At first, it seems like an odd name to drop and many viewers were left wondering why he did it. However, upon further inspection, it becomes clear that there is a reason behind Lucas mentioning Tina.

It turns out that Tina was actually mentioned in the original script for Stranger Things but her scenes were cut from the final show. In the script, Tina is a girl who Lucas has a crush on. He talks about her in an effort to make friends with Mike and Dustin.

While her scenes were ultimately cut from the show, it’s still interesting to see that Lucas was originally supposed to have a crush on Tina. It would have been nice to see more of their interactions on screen but unfortunately, we’ll never know what could have been.


Erika and Lucas have been married for four years and have two kids together. Recently, Erika found something under their bed while she was cleaning. It was a pair of women’s panties.

Erika confronted Lucas about it and he claimed that they must have been there before they got married. Erika doesn’t believe him and is now wondering if her husband is cheating on her.

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