How Did the Terrible Towel Start

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The Terrible Towel was created by Myron Cope in 1975. He was inspired by a yellow flag he saw at a Pittsburgh Steelers game. The flag resembled a towel, and Cope thought it would be a fun way to show support for his team.

He had the towels made and distributed them to fans at the next home game. The Terrible Towel quickly became a popular symbol of the Steelers’ fans’ loyalty and dedication.

In 1975, Steelers radio broadcaster Myron Cope came up with the idea for the Terrible Towel. The yellow towel with black lettering has become an iconic symbol of the Steelers and their fans. Over the years, the Terrible Towel has been raised in triumph by players and coaches after winning a big game, or given to fans in need as a gesture of goodwill.

No matter what, the Terrible Towel remains a source of pride for everyone involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How Did the Terrible Towel Start

The Terrible Towel is a rally towel associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers American football team. It was created by Steelers’ radio broadcaster Myron Cope in 1975. The towel has become a symbol of the Steelers and is waved by fans at games.

It has also been used to raise money for charities.

How Did the Terrible Towel Start



In 1975, the Pittsburgh Steelers introduced a new tradition to their fans – the Terrible Towel. Created by then-equipment manager Myron Cope, the towel was originally intended to be a giveaway for fans attending a playoff game against the Baltimore Colts. However, it quickly caught on as a rally towel, and has become one of the most iconic symbols of the team.

Over the years, the Terrible Towel has been used to raise millions of dollars for charities, and has even been flown into space!

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