How Did the Terrible Towel Get Its Name

The Terrible Towel is a rally towel associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers American football team. It was created by Myron Cope, a sports commentator for the team. The towel is gold with black lettering and has become an icon for the Steelers’ fans.

It wave during games to encourage the home team while also distracting and confusing opposing teams.

The Terrible Towel is one of the most iconic symbols of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was created by Myron Cope, a former sportscaster for the team, in 1975. The towel quickly became a fan favorite, and has been waving proudly at Steelers games ever since.

So how did this simple piece of fabric get its name? According to Cope, he came up with it while driving home from a game one day. He had just seen fans waving their towels in the air and thought to himself, “My gosh, that looks terrible!”

And so the Terrible Towel was born. Over the years, the Terrible Towel has taken on a life of its own. It’s been signed by celebrities, flown into space, and even used as a prop in Hollywood movies.

But no matter what it’s done or where it’s been, it always comes back to Pittsburgh and the loyal fans who wave it proudly on game day.

How Did the Terrible Towel Get Its Name

The Terrible Towel is an iconic symbol of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. It was created by Myron Cope, a longtime sportscaster for the team. The towel is black and gold, the colors of the Steelers.

It has the word “Pittsburgh” printed on one side and the Steeler logo on the other. Cope came up with the idea for the Terrible Towel in 1975. He wanted to give fans something to wave during games to show their support for the team.

He got permission from Art Rooney, owner of the Steelers, to use team colors and logos on the towel. Cope originally called it the “Steeline Cloth.” But he changed the name to “Terrible Towel” after hearing a fan refer to it that way on a radio call-in show.

The Terrible Towel quickly became popular with Steelers fans. It has been described as “arguably the most famous towel in sports.” Fans wave it at games, in parades, and even at funerals of fellow fans.

The towel has also been used to raise money for charity. In 1996, Cope started selling towels with proceeds going to Allegheny General Hospital’s cancer institute.

Who Came Up With the Idea for the Terrible Towel

In 1975, Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney Sr. was looking for a new promotional giveaway for the fans. His son, Dan Rooney, suggested a towel. The team’s equipment manager, Myron Cope, came up with the idea of terrycloth so it would be more absorbent and printed gold with black stripes so it would be easily seen in the stands.

The Terrible Towel made its debut on December 27, 1975, at Three Rivers Stadium.

Why is the Terrible Towel So Popular

The Terrible Towel is one of the most popular and recognizable sports towels in the world. The towel was created by Myron Cope, a former sports broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Steelers, in 1975. The towel is yellow with black letters that spell out “Pittsburgh Steelers” in a unique font.

The towel has become synonymous with the Steelers and their fans, and can be seen waving proudly at every home game. So why is the Terrible Towel so popular? There are a few reasons.

First, it’s a great way to show support for your team. Waving a Terrible Towel shows that you’re proud to be a Steelers fan, and it’s also a great way to rally other fans around you. Second, the Terrible Towel is just plain fun to wave!

It’s big and colorful and makes a lot of noise when you wave it, which makes it perfect for getting everyone pumped up during a game. And lastly, the Terrible Towel has become part of Pittsburgh culture. It’s not just about supporting the Steelers – it’s about showing your pride in the city of Pittsburgh itself.

So there you have it! That’s why the Terrible Towel is so popular. If you’re ever at a Steelers game, make sure to bring your own Terrible Towel and join in on all the fun!

How Many Terrible Towels Have Been Sold

To date, over 3.5 million Terrible Towels have been sold worldwide. In Pittsburgh, the Terrible Towel is a unifying symbol and has become an unofficial mascot of the city’s sports teams and fans. The towel has also been adopted by other fan bases, including those of the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks.

What Do Proceeds from Terrible Towel Sales Go to

If you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, chances are you’ve seen the Terrible Towel waving around in the stadium. But did you know that proceeds from Terrible Towel sales go to a good cause? The money raised from the sale of the towels benefits Pittsburgh’s Allegheny General Hospital.

The hospital has been using the funds to help pay for vital medical equipment, like a new MRI machine. They’ve also used the money to fund research projects and to provide scholarships for medical students. So next time you see someone waving a Terrible Towel, know that they’re not just supporting their team – they’re also helping out a great cause!

How Did the Terrible Towel Get Its Name



The Terrible Towel is an iconic symbol of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was created by Myron Cope, aSteelers radio broadcaster, in 1975. The towel was originally yellow and black, the colors of the Steelers.

Cope later changed the color to gold to represent the Steeler’s winning Super Bowl XIV. The Terrible Towel has been carried by fans at every Steelers home game since its inception and has become one of the most recognizable symbols in all of sports.

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